Over 130 developers not included in L.A. Noire credits

L.A. Noire was in development for over 7 years, and has never been shy of controversy. Initially a PS3 exclusive and subsequently going multiplatform; the game has gone through development hell. Now, it faces another crisis. Many developers who worked on the game have not been included in the credits, and have complained of long working hours up to 12 hours a day, without any support from the management.

One developer, who worked for three years on the game, quit the project because his “sanity” depended upon it. Another developer revealed, “For three weeks, I worked 15 hours a day, every day.” The developers who quit before completion, weren’t included in the credits in spite of contributing a lot to the game. They have also created a site which shows the full credits for the game.

Now, for a Rockstar game this isn’t surprising, as the same controversy affected Red Dead Redemption as well. In a recent IGN scoop, a lot of information was uncovered, which wasn’t denied by the Team Bondi founder, Brendan McNamara.  “I’m not even remotely defensive about it. I think, if people want to do what I’ve done – to come here and do that – then good luck to them.”

“If they don’t want to do that with me, that’s fine, too. It’s like musical differences in a rock and roll band, right? People say they do want to do it; some don’t,” he said to IGN. You can check out the rest of the feature here.

L.A Noire is available in India for Rs 2,499 for the console versions, and the PC version is scheduled for release this fall. We’ve also reviewed the game and gave it a splendid 8/10.

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