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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is out for the Xbox One platform, here is what to expect

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is now available digitally on Xbox One.

PUBG Xbox One promo

Due to the Xbox One controller having a markedly reduced number of input options, the team at PUBG Corp. has had to get creative with the control scheme. Xbox One players can expect to have broadly the same level of control via their controllers that an average PC player has in the game out of the box. You can check out all the control layouts in the gallery below.

PUBG Corp. was assisted in this endeavour by The Coalition, one of Microsoft’s in-house first-party developers who are better known for developing Gears of War 4.

Thanks, @Gadgets360.

Earlier, Brendan Greene a.k.a PlayerUnknown had stated that the Xbox One X would be running the game at a locked 60 FPS but has since rolled back, tweeting that the developers are constantly refining the game and exploring options to increase FPS, but this early in dev they are unable to confirm more. Thus, for now, all Xbox One platforms will be running the game at a targetted 30 FPS.

Apart from the above, early customers of the game on Xbox Game Preview programme had reported that they had issues initially logging into the game.

You can pick up PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the Xbox One platform in India for Rs 1,990 from the Microsoft Store. The game comes with HDR support out of the box and is an Xbox One X Enhanced title. We will have a feature on the Xbox One version soon.

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