Pure Football, Alpha Protocol, UFC release tomorrow

April and much of May was a bit of a dry period in terms of game releases, but that is set to change. To start off, three new games will start making their way into stores across India tomorrow – Alpha Protocol, Pure Football, and UFC 2010: Undisputed. Check the image below for platforms and prices. In case you’re wondering about the PC version of Alpha Protocol, it is slightly delayed, so you’ll probably see it in stores sometime in June.

[singlepic id=2029 w=450 float=center]
Besides these three, Blackrock’s explosive racer Split/Second: Velocity is also set to hit stores tomorrow, as is the Xbox 360 version of highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption (due to shortages in Europe, the PS3 version fill follow a few days later). We’ve also got word that Blur, from the makers of Project Gotham Racing, will release in India sometime next week, although that will only release in India for PS3 (at Rs 3,499).

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