Rage delayed, Id expects more sales from the console version

Todd Hollenshead, CEO of Id Software, expects the console versions of their upcoming game, Rage to outperform the PC version when it comes to sales. “Maybe it’s 70 per cent among the consoles and 30 on the PC, or maybe 75-25. But we’re still talking two-thirds plus of the sales being on PS3 or Xbox 360,” he told Eurogamer. While this isn’t a shocking revelation, it is a bit surprising that Id, primarily known as a PC developer, is making the game with consoles as the lead platforms.

Hollenshead also mentioned that porting games from console to PC is the right way to approach things, and since most of the sales are expected on consoles, they want to devote a lot of time to get those versions right first.

Rage was also delayed by a few weeks and is set to release on October 7 this year. The game will be published by Bethesda and distributed by E-Xpress Interactive in India, and is expected to be priced at Rs 2,499 for the console versions. Although Bethesda’s last two games, Brink and Hunted: The Demon Forge, were released in India on consoles only, we’re expecting the PC version of Rage to release here as well. We’ll get confirmation of that from E-Xpress soon. In the mean time, you can check out our Brink review here.

Was favouring the consoles the right move by Id? Feel free to tell us in the comments section below.


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