Trailer: Crytek’s mountain-climbing Oculust Rift VR game The Climb

Crytek has already revealed one VR game – Robinson: The Journey, and the developer has now shed more light on its second, The Climb.


In stark contrast to the company’s past work, which includes the likes of Crysis and Ryse, The Climb is a game without guns or armour; just your hands that hold onto a mountainside, hoping you don’t fall onto the rocks or water below.

Announced last December, The Climb will be an Oculus Rift-exclusive game. The VR mountain climbing sim will let you ascend a number of famous peaks all around the world.

The new trailer released shows off new gameplay, where you get to climb the Alps. Watching the trailer you will notice there are subtle routes guiding the player to the top of the mountain.

The gameplay may not resemble any other Crytek game, but visually, The Climb looks stunning.

The game is announced for release sometime this year, and with the Oculus Rift launching in some markets this month that could be pretty soon.

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