Version2Games announces Project T.U.M

Smash N Survive developer Version2Games has revealed information about its next project. It’s currently been codenamed T.U.M and is a 3D action-adventure side scroller.

V2G president Rajat Ojha has told IVG that T.U.M is in the final stages of development. “T.U.M. follows the adventures of the protagonist, Jay, who wakes up from a cryogenic sleep. The world he knew no longer exists. Everything organic has been mowed down. Everything in sight is either stone or metal. In an attempt to save his life from the beings responsible for enslaving everything living, he becomes an accidental hero entrusted by Gaia – the mother nature – to restore life as it was.”

Ojha also went on to reveal that another title is in the design phase and is again a driving game, but completely different from Smash N Survive’s theme. Check back soon to read the full interview with Version2Games’ Rajat Ojha.

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