Xaxist Arts launches spinning endless runner Rolling Zimro

Nashik-based studio Xaxist Arts has just released what it calls “the world’s first spinning endless runner”, Rolling Zimro.


Unlike most endless runners, Rolling Zimro plays out on a rapidly spinning spherical game world with a striking low-poly art style.

Rolling Zimro features simple, two-button tap gameplay, using which you must jump, slide and fly to evade procedurally generated enemies and obstacles. You will also have to contend with the increased speed of the game, as the world spins faster the further you progress.

The game also includes several power-ups, such as magical mushrooms to slow down time, and magnets to collect munchies, which can be traded in for new gear.

Rolling Zimro is out now for iOS and is priced Rs 120. Check out the game in action below.

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