IndianVideoGamer Podcast is back! IVG Podcast #10

PodcastIt’s been so long since our last podcast that many who are IVG regulars now may not even know that a IVG Podcast exists. Well, it does and we’ve just hit double digits; this is IVG Podcast #10 (I have a tiny celebratory giveaway planned as well). We’ve tried recording this 10th podcast so many times over the last few months, but it just never happened, either due to technical issues, busy schedules, or sheer laziness.

But we’re back, and what better time than just three days before E3! Don’t expect any special insights though; Nash and I just do what everyone on IVG and the rest of the internet has been doing in the lead-up to E3 – speculating, discussing, and making wishlists.

Besides our E3 discussion, we also have two reviews in this podcast – InFamous and UFC 2009: Undisputed. You’ll also hear us mention a Bionic Commando review, but technical disaster struck again and we had to cut that out. So you’ll notice that while our earlier podcasts were roughly half an hour long, this one is just about 15 minutes. But we were determined to put this one up and get the monkey of our backs. We’ll be back with our 30-minute rants for podcast #11.

Listen to IVG Podcast #10 below. Click here to download it.

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Warning: There is a fair amount of profanity in this podcast as well as some inFamous spoilers.

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