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    Received this today from my Secret Santa. Thank you so much! [emoji4]
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    Any one in us, GameStop is clearing gametrust exclusive steelbook version for 1.97$each .Picked up few. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Finally found the Holy Grail of Ps3 games. Super excited. [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got another one! I was a huge He-man fan growing up. Skeletor was my first ever action figure. Thank you. Please reveal yourself
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    So, last year,21st Dec, had developed a condition that has caused bleeding in my eye. Was scared sh*t less as the condition was vision threatening & was barely able to see through my right eye. Even basic day to day activities became harder because of that, career as a s/w developer also became uncertain and it was surely the worst year of my life. Good news: 1. Yesterday, after exactly 1 year, the reports came out pretty good. Still have to undergo a surgery but its a simple one and no more threat to my vision. 2. Learned so many life lessons which have completely changed my prospective towards life and everything else for good. 3. Overall currently I am in the best phase of my life as far as health is concerned. Lost extra weight, eating like a saint, easily completing 6 mile/hr while running. 4. Quite a few people who I thought are my close friends turned their back at me when I was in need but at the same time so many others helped me so generously and so selflessly that I dont have words to thank them. Now I try to do the same to everyone I think I can help. I have felt first hand how a smallest of kind act,can boost you up when you are down. For example, the hand written card i received from @Mr.Copyright© as my Santa. 5. Lastly, missed gaming so much. The year felt like an eternity, had to sell my Pro last year, but because of that got the next one almost free. Feeling awesome, jumping into gaming again.
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    Btw for the peeps who asked, the book is from Amazon and the figurine is from superherotoystore
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    I did not attend i have come to know from a couple of friends who are in contact with distributors for whom the event was held. They could be totally wrong too,so lets just wait for sometime. I thought i should share so that people eager to buy the console can wait and buy it with warranty if its really happening.
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    Single shot is good when you know you are gonna engage at a distance and have a scope. When you parachute in and are looting, Auto absolutely. Even then I never leave it on Single shot.
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    The fun of watching the space scenes is in theatre. Btw it's running in Saket if you can manage.
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    https://imgur.com/a/bfYIW Got this awesome ps4 game which will refresh my best gaming memories as a child, thank you so much Santa pls reveal your identity! gonna have a fun weekend
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    @JoeCool : Hey Joe You can join my club BAKCHOD FC Lets play some friendly games against Gunman and take sweet revenge for what they did to you
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    Thanks a lot man for this great write up. Actually i was about to send a message to you & @coolboyind regarding the same
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    I would recommend Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch. Even if you play offline only, it is still a great co-op game (one of the best on Switch). More importantly, it is a very fun game, even if you play 1 player only. A really great way to pass the time. Offline, there is no story mode or anything like it. But it has various tournaments, and you get various unlocks based on your performance and certain other parameters. The tracks are really innovative and fun. For example, they will have you driving upside down in some places, underwater in some places, gliding in some places driving inside a castle in some places etc. And many of these elements are mixed in one single race. You also get various powers over the course of races, that can help you or hinder other racers. There are various game modes as well, which are quite innovative and fun. For example, in Battle mode you will go about bursting balloons and stealing coins from other's carts instead of just racing for example. I'm like you. I've played very limited online, but it's still a ton of fun. This is a type of game, that is just pop in and play, whenever you want to have fun. It's also a great game for when you have friends you want to co-op with. The game will never get "Completed" and will only be truly over when you finally give up on the game.
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    Come on. Don't be so melodramatic.
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    Destiny 2 Xbox One + Expansion Pass $32 They give you $35 code to purchase expansion pass, but you can use it to buy controller/Xbox One X/games whatever you want
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    I see Jotun and rogue legacy steelbooks, I press like. Congos man, dope purchases.
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    Let's all pause and take a chill pill. It isn't that big a deal to fight over.
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    He can't help it. It's like a reflex action for him.
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    Thanks bruv, merry Christmas to you and your family! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Today’s arrival Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Movie of the year for me as well. I'm still left with quite a few movies from 2017 that I wanna see, but I seriously doubt any of them will be as good as BR 2049. It's also weird for me to think that Logan (which I f**king loved) didn't end up being my favourite in the year that it came out. But 2049 is just that good.
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    ___ Twice Upon A Time will air on Christmas Day, December 25, at 5.30pm on BBC One. One last episode with Capaldi as The Doctor. Will be missed so much.