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  1. God of War

    Hmmm, they seem to have updated the cover art with a day one edition tag, what's the difference? Wait a sec, cover art also changed.
  2. God of War

    A 10 minute clip leaked and this thread has gone berserk. Don't know what will happen once reviews / game is out. [emoji23]
  3. God of War

    I hope you specifically selected CE link before sending [emoji23][emoji23]
  4. God of War

    [emoji23][emoji2] CeeeeeeEeeeeee
  5. God of War

    So, how many of you have this pre-ordered?
  6. God of War

    Good one.
  7. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    I used to run a phat PS4 along with a monitor on a APC 600VA. Problem started only when I connected a TV as well to it. It should be able to easily handle a slim with a display also attached to the UPS considering Slim's power rating is even lesser than the orignal.
  8. God of War

  9. Yakuza 6

    Yea game is definitely going to suffer because of this but I think it will pickup it's pace over time.
  10. Yakuza 6

    Can't wait! Oh wait, 3 days before GoW [emoji849]
  11. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    How old is the UPS, considering that you have just the pro plugged in, it should work. Have you tried cold booting? Keep the ups in battery mode and try switching on the pro. You can then confirm if it's a load issue or switching time issue. If the ups is old, then aged battery can also cause the same issue.
  12. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    You need at least a 1KV one. 600 is not enough to handle the load, especially if you have a TV as well.
  13. Yakuza 6

    Done with Kiwami as well. Now my soul is ready for this. [emoji7]
  14. God of War

    You are talking about the entire trilogy. [emoji23] Kratos will die only by the end of the trilogy.