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  1. The PC Gaming Thread

    Still in pursuit but thanks for pitching in with the recommendations. Appreciate it all of you
  2. The PC Gaming Thread

    The 4k tv will definitely be used for all tps games... monitor is for fps games only and general desktop usage. Thinking of just closing it with a 27" 1080p 144hz tn panel or if I can find an IPS. Saw a 1440p monitor yesterday setup at 1080p and almost threw up
  3. The PC Gaming Thread

    Now here is where it gets tricky at. 35k price point I'm also seeing a Lg 4k IPS https://www.primeabgb.com/online-price-reviews-india/lg-27ud68p-27-4k-uhd-3840x2160-ips-height-adjustable-led-monitor/ And I can play at 1440p on this monitor as well. Not sure how good or bad will it be with scaling because your moving out of the native res. And obviously for normal windows usage scaling will be required. This choice however will be more "future proof", with mild adjustments initially due to lack of powerful hw... What do you say about this ?
  4. The PC Gaming Thread

    Would go for the asus one if given a choice. But are you sure this is within my budget ? Because Amazon is showing 40k
  5. The PC Gaming Thread

    I would have gone up to 75hz for a 27/1440p in any case would be worth checking this one out as well. Pls share your model details. My budget is 20-25k.
  6. The PC Gaming Thread

    Haha the last suggestion is a winner!! I'm confused out of my brains now! With so limited options (that I see online) plus such variance in pricing depending on the specs I need a optimally large display with no screen tearing, but I also need to future proof myself because of all things monitor is going to be the last thing that I'd want to upgrade. The 27/1080/144 while is a great option but comes with lower PPI which might come in the way of general desktop usage. The 24/1440/60 is on the opposite 1) it's smaller 2) because it's small the PPI may be too dense forcing to scale up desktop usage. That's why need to check them out in person to avoid blind buying online.
  7. The PC Gaming Thread

    Hey guys, reaching out to folks in Hyderabad Seeking a list of shops I can visit to test out Monitors. Been on the fence for a very long time now. Can't decide between in the following price range coupled with the limited options we have in our market- 27" 1080p 144hz (PPI potential issue) 24" 1440p freesync (smaller size) 27" 4k60 (not enough juice to run it optimally) Basically want to maximize vfm and longevity
  8. The Graphics Card thread

    Lol even with that HDR implementation is far to less to justify a four digit price tag only justification being "future proof"
  9. The Graphics Card thread

    By now I'd thought people learned such deals are just a scam. Forget receiving a 1050, you won't get a damn thing. Yup! Realized you could get a card which is a few gens old.. but that's normally a nameless card no ? Or has it gotten so sophisticated that these manufacturers can now mimic the whole AFC design ?
  10. The Graphics Card thread

    Are these guys legit ?
  11. The Graphics Card thread

    Hahaha with a potential backdoor I wouldn't be worried only about a disguised GPU tbh. That's why putting it out there, carboncore might want to take the bait 😋 So a heavens benchmark beyond GPUZ I guess to validate.
  12. The Graphics Card thread

    Not sure where to share this, also consulting with Alpha privately thought about sharing this with the larger group. So I found this dealer on OLX who are offering sealed Strix 1080ti for 20K ; 50% post payment. Based out in haryana. Checking if anyone's willing to gamble and validate the legitimacy of this deal. Feel free to pm for their contact details, they're pretty responsive on WhatsApp.
  13. The Graphics Card thread

    Care to share the source of import for R9 290 and likewise if you are on the hunt for similar deals on 1080 ?
  14. The Graphics Card thread

    Challenge is there is potentially a very slim chance of identifying a GPU used for gaming vs mining, - one correlation being if someone is selling multiple GPU's in a go or very frequently, with little or no Trade Rep. Unless explicitly mentioned ofcourse. Currently noticing GTX 1070s going for 25-28K and GTX 1080s going for 28-30K ... considering the RTX leaked benchmarks suggest a 30-40% improvement over 10 series, at a 40-50% price of an RTX for someone to bring a few last breaths into their PC doesn't look like a bad option. Obviously the downside here and quite a big one is what Alpha mentioned, the card dying on you after the warranty expires which should be in the range of 1-2yrs from now
  15. The Graphics Card thread

    GPU flood incoming! Massive dumping happening across trade forums of sucked out Mining Rig GPUs What's the general opinion on picking one of those at an attractive price with remaining warranty ? Any suggestive price points would also help to identify buying opportunities for a gaming rig.