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  1. FIFA 18 Gathering

    Hey guys feel free to add me - realkunal Not that good ...just letting you know before hand
  2. Playstation Network Store

    Hey Guys, I have 2 rather basic question - me and my friend intend to share a PSN+ Subscription. Two questions - 1- Is it at all possible to share the PSN+ sub 2- Can both of us play online at the same time or only one ?
  3. FIFA 18 Gathering

    PSN ID: realkunal Preferred play timings: 11pm - 12am weekdays / weekends post 11am Most preferred mode: 1v1 season. Interested in taking part in tournaments/seasons? YES. Do you play FUT? NO. (never tried, might give it a shot)
  4. Playstation Network Sales

    is this the best psn+ deal around ? http://www.cdkeys.com/playstation-network-psn/playstation-plus/playstation-plus-12-month-subscription-uk thiis is for UK, can someone tell me restrictions if I get this one ?
  5. Official EA Play Thread - E3 2017

    Hahahaha thought that was weird!! I think his teleprompter had a huge delay. You could see him blaming it on something, when the NFS guy comes to save his deer in a headlight face Useless waste of money this one conf, nothing worthy of an event opener or independent event Everything is Frostbite, so look and feel wise almost similar... Way Out was the only interesting bit, more for the producer's high
  6. The PSN ID thread

    realkunal Not on PSN atm but very soon, mostly fifa and FPS
  7. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Guys Question : Is anyone using their TV to passthrough Audio to their receiver for surround sound ? Heres my setup - PS4 ---> HDMI --->TV (set to passthrough) ---> Z5500 (via Optical) I just get stereo no matter what unless I hook up the optical straight from the PS4 to the speakers
  8. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    I am a regular at Aashirwad. Not sure about their pricing, staff is courteous there, Golccha seemed rude to me for some reason haha also any rates these shops quote are minus taxes so do your math.
  9. Call of Duty: WWII

    aka how to make a 8hr campaign longer
  10. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Buying a Ps4 pro next month. So don't have enough cash to spare -- plus i have a rx470 so even a overhaul will not do much; looking at i7 just for multithreaded games / apps will keep checking the sale threads
  11. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Not looking to do a full system overhaul. Just the CPU - it's a LGA 1150 socket, max it can do is 4790
  12. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Guys, I've been trying to get a Haswell i7 for the last 2 months. Haven't been able to get any success through trade sections on tech forums. Any alternatives will be much appreciated. Saw a brand new 4970 non K on Amazon at 20K but didn't seem worth it as my current 4670 will not go out for more than 10K. Thoughts ?
  13. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Agreed 100% comparing a Gen 1 and Gen 7 is practically criminal. I cant wait to see what a fully optimized Ryzen is capable of ...also if game devs choose multi core of single core in future game dev.
  14. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    This is an interesting review. i5 7600 still rock solid for gaming at a premium Of 3K over R5 1600
  15. [PC] Ask The Experts Thread

    Check this out. Looks like R5 is basically an R7 with locked cores. So same single core performance for gaming. https://youtu.be/L4K7eIEAJx0