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  1. That explains the poor graphics
  2. Stalkers are the worst. I literally had to pause the game on my first encounter with one. It f**king watched me from the door opening at the far end of the corrider and ran away. And pressing R1 wouldnt reveal anything. stalkers are the very thing that nightmares are made of
  3. Lol not really. Gamepass is the last argument that xbkwas fanboys have. And they are using it in every thread possible. Edit: Its been hard for them after TLOU2 and with another knockout blow coming in 13 days
  4. There is huge difference between what MS is offering for 1$ gamepass, and what sony is offering with its 60$ exclusives Comparing the two is just funny. I am happy paying 60$ for the quality games, rather than paying 1$ for subpar content. Do Xbkwas fanboys really think they will get high quality games in the long run for 1$ a month!? Either the price of gamepass is going up or the quality of games if going to go down.
  5. But but but ps5 has weaker hardware and cant do higher fps.
  6. Looking forward to Creaks. Machinarium was soo good. Love their style.
  7. My list https://pasteboard.co/JfU8qXo.png edit: why is the insert image from URL not working
  8. Agreed. If they go open world POP it would be really hard for UBI to make it different from AC. I dont think thats even possible. I'd be in for a new linear POP, rather than a remaster.
  9. pArth

    Cyberpunk 2077

    that actually looks cool That animal buddy system is a good idea. And you could customize your car
  10. The league is not won yet. we have a tendency of losing points against sh*t teams. but the team is looking good. Confident and fit
  11. Came here to post this. I like the story even more after watching this video.
  12. does your friend's friend live in ahmedabad? https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/ahmedabad-bereaved-family-of-coronavirus-patient-cremates-body-later-told-he-is-alive-and-well-1683975-2020-05-31
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