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  1. Maybe he is just trolling with MS fanboys. Getting them hyped and then BAM 2/10 conf
  2. Although I would love to have him in Madrid, this seems highly unlikely. Also, this transfer would not come without sacrificing likes of Bale or Isco. If it happens, I would happily bathe in the tears of barca fans
  3. I am going to sochi, to watch Spain vs Portugal cant wait so fking excited.
  4. pArth

    Days Gone

    Deacon can swim, but doesnt in the game -
  5. pArth

    Days Gone

    Looks OK AF. I had high hopes from this game. :|
  6. are you serious ank?! Only a fool would judge an actor by actions of the character he is playing.
  7. Today's the day Must win for us. Otherwise league over.
  8. On ep3 of Manhunt: Unabomber. Pretty great so far. Story is engrossing from minute 1.
  9. That goal by asensio though. Ronaldo looked good. Unlucky to not get on the scoresheet.
  10. pArth

    Call of Duty: WWII

    does this have online co-op in campaign?
  11. Shouldn't clicking on a thread name in unread content go the last page of that thread instead of the first?
  12. http://www.ebay.in/itm/SONY-BRAVIA-55-55X8500D-4K-LED-TV-WITH-1-YEAR-DEALERS-WARRANTY-/262986690679?hash=item3d3b3a7077:g:5oMAAOSwBt5ZMtO6 I am looking to buy this TV. Does this seller look safe?
  13. The way Real Madrid played against Seville last night with 5 first team players missing :wub: James goal
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