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  1. What you bought this week

    Insane shopping list. @Black_Hawk where did you get the HMT watches from mate?
  2. Suggestions and feedback

    Hi...I have been having issues with login in the new site. I have tried Chrome and also Safari, also did password reset multiple times but when I fill in the login details I keep getting the incorrect details error. But able to access the forum from Tapatalk without any problem. That too with same old login credentials. Help fix this. Thanks. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. The Automobile Thread

    And any inputs in regard to this?
  4. The Automobile Thread

    Hey Guys...I was kinda looking at getting a car...was interested in a hatchback and what I like is the Polo GT TSI. But the cramped rear seat is a turn off and I am not willing to spend 10lac+ on a hatch. So started looking at used cars and Vento Diesel AT, Highline variant, seem to be the best value. 2015 models costing 10.5-11.5 lac. Driven for 3k-15k kms. But a friend is pushing me to look at the Skoda Rapid as well, new. He feels the Rapid feels better to drive, even though same engines. Rapid Diesel AT, to variant, is costing 13.6lac on road with 4yr warranty+4yr roadside assistance+buy now pay later scheme. What do you guys think of the Vento vs Rapid? DSG versions. Diesel clatter is something that is a turn of but I was told the 1.5 diesel engines are much quieter and smoother compared to previous 1.6 diesel in these cars.
  5. The Watch Thread

    True that. Bought it coz its a funky gadget. And was on discount
  6. The Watch Thread

    I do remember u posting them but was too lazy to search for them Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  7. The Watch Thread

    All that came from Xda itself? Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  8. The Watch Thread

    ^^Dint find many watch faces there but led me to other links. Thanks. What watch faces you guys using? Got pics to share
  9. The Watch Thread

    Hey guys.. I bought a Moto 360 46mm few days back but not finding good watch faces. Any app or website suggestions would be helpful...Thanks. Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  10. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Can I purchase it for my brother, but from my PSN ID. I dont use my ID anymore though, so have to purchase from his ID itself or what?
  11. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Double Post!
  12. The Watch Thread

    The Seiko SNZF17 looks nice, wouldn't mind getting one for myself. Do wish the case was just a little bigger though. Have had a few Seiko 5 watches in my wish list for a while now. Anyways, until I lay hands on a different watch, here are a few shots I took after interchanging the straps of the Tommy and Orient Mako. Can finally wear the Tommy more often now
  13. What you bought this week

    Dint know there are different PS4 models... whats the difference?
  14. The Watch Thread

    Any suggestions for metal bracelet for the Orient Mako Pepsi? Any recommended sites or seller. Saw quite a few on eBay. Com and Amazon.com but not sure how good are they.
  15. The Watch Thread

    Nato I got from eBay India. Bought the white/blue/red combo nato as well but this Pepsi nato suits the best.