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  1. Ahhhh, I remember you now! You are ZeeBot's alter ego! Sorry, I forgot, see ya! BTW exclusives are on a single platform, releasing them on PC makes the multi platform. JS. 1080p60fps vs 720p30fps ( Barely ), I know what I want
  2. Except they will all run on my PC that I have for real gaming anyway. Most useless console ever.
  3. Trials of the Blood Dragon

    Pass then :/
  4. Trials of the Blood Dragon

    Anyone know if this has coop ?
  5. Death Stranding

    Can anyone tell me what the *bleep* was going on in that trailer FFS?
  6. Days Gone

    Discount last of us!
  7. We Happy Few

    Looks like a really interesting game. Only concept to have intrigued me in a while.
  8. I am done wiping my Jizz. Holy sh*t, Sony f**king killed it! 5+ years of watching every E3 conference and this might be the best one I have seen. From a circus to a god damn orchestral opening!
  9. Alright guys, I hope you had your heart rate monitors in check for this conference. I am here to spread the good word of our lord and savior Sony. BASED LORD SONY THOU HAST BLEST US