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  1. Ahhhh, I remember you now! You are ZeeBot's alter ego! Sorry, I forgot, see ya! BTW exclusives are on a single platform, releasing them on PC makes the multi platform. JS. 1080p60fps vs 720p30fps ( Barely ), I know what I want
  2. God of War

    Thats because its the start of the game. In 4 kids gets sodomized by odin leading to daadhi waala Kratos molesting Loki and Thor as revenge leading to an even bigger event which culminates in a massive orgy between all of them but the kid isn't invited because that's paedophilia. Thats when the rage comes in, the kid bundles in all his frustration for being left out and proceeds to kill everyone in the most brutal manner ever.
  3. Except they will all run on my PC that I have for real gaming anyway. Most useless console ever.
  4. Trials of the Blood Dragon

    Pass then :/
  5. God of War

    Ehhhh, leaks =/= confirmation. KC, did he discuss the timeline and stuff ? If its still Kratos how does this fit in ? I thought this would be a new ark.
  6. Trials of the Blood Dragon

    Anyone know if this has coop ?
  7. Death Stranding

    Can anyone tell me what the *bleep* was going on in that trailer FFS?
  8. God of War

    Norse mythology, I am surprised many people didn't pick up on that. But good to see they are taking a new turn to the franchise and not milking it to death with some Kratos spin-off/resurrection BS.
  9. Days Gone

    Discount last of us!
  10. We Happy Few

    Looks like a really interesting game. Only concept to have intrigued me in a while.
  11. I am done wiping my Jizz. Holy sh*t, Sony f**king killed it! 5+ years of watching every E3 conference and this might be the best one I have seen. From a circus to a god damn orchestral opening!
  12. Alright guys, I hope you had your heart rate monitors in check for this conference. I am here to spread the good word of our lord and savior Sony. BASED LORD SONY THOU HAST BLEST US
  13. Grand Theft Auto V

    Not on this forum for more than 1.5 years, Pushy still hasnt changed. Sigh
  14. Grand Theft Auto V

    Guys, will this run on my laptop ? Its a Lenovo Y50 , 8GB Ram, GTX 860m, i5 [email protected] GHz EDIT: Already finished whole game on PS3, iffy about rebuying it.