IVG Podcast 14: We’re back

The IVG Podcast is back! Three years after the last one, Nash and I finally sat down for episode 14.


This time around, we’re focussing on next-gen consoles, particularly the always-on controversy that’s been doing the rounds of late. We also talk a bit about jaded gamers, the negative trends of this generation, and what it’s going to take to freshen things up on the new consoles. We also touch upon stuff like annual franchises and the possibility of the Battlefield franchise going that route.

The new podcast is a little shorter than some of our older ones, but hopefully we’ll get back into the thick of things next week onwards.

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Published by Sameer Desai

Sameer is the co-founder, owner and editor of IVG. He has been a writer and journalist for over a decade, most of it focussed on gaming. Having initially worked in news media (TV and online), he switched to tech and video games journalism in 2006. He was editor for the Indian edition of UK-based games trade publication, MCV. He has also written India-focussed columns for Gamespot, and been featured as a games expert by MTV, Mumbai Mirror and The Guardian (UK), among others.

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  1. In next podcast i want know ur opinion on how the development of pc will change during next gen as sony is saying that ps4 infrastructure is like of pc

  2. I also want to ask if they switch moh for a respawn studios the creator of cod as they are working on a new fps

  3. You guys should make this a regular thing. I can’t wait another year for the next podcast!

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