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IVG Offer: Virtua Tennis 2009

After a lull in IVG Offer preorders following Resident Evil 5, here’s the first of a series of preorders – Virtua Tennis 2009. In the coming weeks, we hope to hold preorders for Bionic Commando, inFamous, Fight Night Round 4, Prototype, Fuel, and Batman: Arkham Asylum here at IndianVideoGamer.

We’ve been holding back on the Virtua Tennis 2009 offer because there was some uncertainty over pricing for the Xbox 360 version, and pricing and availability of the PC version. We now know that the Xbox 360 version will retail at the same price as the PS3 version i.e.: Rs 2,499. We’re unable to bring you an offer on the PC version however, because it may be delayed by a week or more over the console versions, and there is still no confirmation on the price.

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Here are the details for the Virtua Tennis 2009 IVG Offer:

Title: Virtua Tennis 2009
Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Release date: May 22 (tentative)
Retail price: Rs 2,499
Offer price: Rs 2,250
You save: Rs 250 (10%)
Shipping (India only): Free

Last date for confirmation: May 15
Last date for payment: May 20

For information on how to place your order and other details, head over to the Virtua Tennis 2009 IVG Offer thread at the IndianVideoGamer Community forums.

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