GOTY Winners: Best Multi-player Game

Gears of War 2 was the big game for the Xbox 360 this holiday season. Xbots were waiting for the Delta Squad’s latest adventure and they were not disappointed. The game has everything Gears of War has, but polished to a high degree. Added to this were more settings, more multiplayer options, an attempt at a story, and the promise of a sequel. For XBL addicts, Gears 2 is heaven sent and the Horde mode is the most addictive multiplayer mode ever devised.


joedunks  wins:
Xbox LIVE bundle (Xbox 360) – courtesy Microsoft
– Wi-fi adapter
– Wireless headset
– Chatpad
– LIVE vision camera
– 12 month subscription card
– 1600 Microsoft Points card

Other nominees in this category were:
Call of Duty: World at War
Resistance 2
Burnout Paradise
Crysis Wars

IndianVideoGamer Staff pick:
Gears of War 2

*If joedunks isn’t currently residing in India, he must either choose to have the prizes sent to someone in India, or forfeit the prize.

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