IVG GOTY 2009: Best Downloadable Game

icon_feature1Deep within the office of Sony Computer Entertainment, there were pitches for the latest PSN project.

Interviewer: So how should we go about this one?
Iffy Bee: It should be bigger, better, and more bad a*s!
Interviewer: Oh…sorry.
*presses a button under the desk. A trap door beneath Iffy Bee opens, sending him down a lava pit *
Iffy Bee: Arrgghhh!
Interviewer: Next!
Interviewer: *facepalm* This will hurt.
*presses another button, an anvil falls on Cazz*
Krazy Cazz: Giant enemy anvil…for maximum damage. *groans*
Interviewer: Next!
Jenova Chen: It should be about Flowers. And stuff. Yo.
Interviewer: Hmm…go on.
Jenova Chen: Human emotion through nature. And stuff. Yo.
Interviewer: Perfect. You guys, from thatgamecompany, are hired!

Now we’re absolutely, positively sure that’s how it all went down at SCE. Flower is so relaxing a game that the staff and community voted it to be our number one fix, replacing alcohol, porn and edging out Shadow Complex by 6.74%. So go ahead, check it out and realise why a game without much of a plot, fairly simplistic art-direction and gorgeously spartan controls and gameplay was the unanimous choice for best downloadable game. And stuff. Yo.

IVG Staff Pick: Flower

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