IVG GOTY 2009: Best PC Game

icon_feature1PC gaming is dead. Or so they’ve said since the inception of the PSOne. And while two indie titles, two RTSs, the usual Sims release, and a top-notch RPG don’t exactly represent the most robust of health for the platform, it’s a far cry from being even close to life-support, let alone death.

Having said that, Dragon Age: Origins was the community’s pick for PC Game of the Year from reasons ranging from “It’s the only game I’ve played on the PC” to “I’ve played the PS3 version so the PC version is winrarz!”. But beneath the thin veneer of apparent superficial thinking lies a hoard of intelligent voters who’ve enjoyed the relatively relaxing minimum and recommended specifications of this PC title, the superlative zoom that allows an isometric perspective that the console versions lack, and of course, the stellar interface that is worlds, nay, universes apart from it’s console brethren.

“But sarrr, what about the overlords of this humble community site? What did they choose? And did you tap Morrigan?”, I hear you ask. Well to answer your question, the elitist staff pick concurred with yours. Can’t hardly blame them though, it reminded the oldies of the better days of Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, the time when PC had a veritable buffet of awesome story-driven RPGs to choose from compared to the scant, a la carte spread at the moment, which makes Dragon Age a whole lot more dearer.

Oh and for the record, yes, I did. It needed to be less aesthetically presented though. Guess that’s what mods are for, yes?

IVG Staff Pick: Dragon Age: Origins

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