IVG’s Top 10 Games of 2010

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IVG Review: 9/10

“Heavy Rain is an unforgettable, groundbreaking spectacle of compelling story-telling, which ventures where video games have rarely gone before, and manages to stand its ground triumphantly. In a jaded market ruled predominantly by guns, fast cars and extreme action, it ambitiously emerges as a refreshing change, encouraging both the gaming industry and its patrons to stop and smell the roses. Kudos to Quantic Dream for creating a well thought out, emotionally engaging experiment that is sure to pave the way for the future of gaming.”

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IVG Review: 7/10

“Black Ops is a perfectly playable game, serviceable owing to its me-too design ethics. While I didn’t regret my time spent with it, it did open my eyes to how important everything else around the gameplay is. This could (and should) have been a better game, one that took Modern Warfare 2′s level of polish forward. It doesn’t. It isn’t.”

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IVG Review: 10/10

“Mass Effect 2 is everything a sequel should be. Bioware has stripped the franchise off all that held it back and has taken some major risks with the design, but in the end, it all works. Even the most skeptical RPG fans will appreciate the fresh new take on the classic RPG template and newcomers to the genre will feel right at home with its accessible gameplay. But even more than that, the game deserves credit for bringing to life an entire universe full of great locations, intergalactic politics, fantastic technology and quirky characters. The Mass Effect universe may borrow a lot from other sci-fi franchises, but it’s still one of the best fully realised game worlds you’ll ever experience.

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IVG Review: 9/10

“God of War III is not innovation. Neither does it walk too far away from the shadow of its predecessors. Instead, God of War III is redefinition. It redefines our understanding of scale in video games. God of War III is restoration. It restores the meaning to a word we reviewers often throw at the drop of a hat – epic. It is the most beautiful violence you have ever seen in a video game. In all its moments of brilliance, you will revel in delicious bloodlust while the blades of exile are on song, and your most primal instincts will scream with delight. Pull out your most wicked smile for this one.”

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IVG Review: 10/10

“Red Dead Redemption is an outstanding tribute to the Western film genre and trumps said inspiration on several occasions. Having been used to spending Rs 2,499 or more on games that provide six hours of engagement, it is thoroughly pleasing to dive into a game that offers not just a rollicking good ride, but a long one at that, without getting derailed halfway through the journey. Players will carry fond memories of it for years to come, and once you have played it, any future Western, whether game or film, will be measured by the yardstick that is Red Dead Redemption.”

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