IVG’s Top 10 Games of 2010

Over the last few weeks, we asked IVG members to name their own top 5 games of 2010. There were no nominees to choose from, so members were free to name any five games they wanted, as long as they released in 2010. Over 50 games were voted for and 24 of those made it to number 1 on members’ lists; proof that 2010 was a year full of great games.

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We put all the votes together to arrive at IVG’s Overall Top 10 Games of 2010, and here they are:

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IVG Review: 8/10

“Fast exotic cars on tracks purpose-built for high speed races and cop chases. It’s hard to believe that the last few Need for Speed games managed to get such a simple basic philosophy so horribly wrong. With Criterion at the helm, however, that focus has now returned. But as good as Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is, it’s hard to ignore the missed opportunities in terms of event types and the unfulfilled potential in the free roam design of Seacrest County. This game could have been a lot more, but even what it does offer is immensely enjoyable. Hot Pursuit doesn’t do much to move the genre forward; if anything it’s built around an eight-year-old formula. But it will remind you of why you used to love Need for Speed games, and it will make you fall in love all over again.”

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IVG Review: 9/10

“Despite whatever flaws you can find across platforms, Bad Company 2 is such a team-focused game that buying it on the platform your friends are buying it on is the only advice I can hand out. All in all, it’s a fairly hearty recommendation. This is one of the best multiplayer games to come out in recent times and every one should give it a go.”

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For several reasons, we didn’t get around to reviewing Halo: Reach on IVG, so here’s an excerpt from Gamespot’s review, which awarded the game 9.5/10

“Halo: Reach is not only brimming with excellent content, but it’s also bursting with possibilities. The exciting campaign, addictive Firefight mode, and dynamic competitive multiplayer make it one of the best shooters around. The extensive customization options, powerful Theater tools, and staggering Forge capabilities make it one of the most malleable and socially engaging games on consoles. And the slick menu system brings it all together with remarkable simplicity. Though its deep roots may not win over those who haven’t enjoyed previous games in the series, Halo: Reach is a towering achievement that delivers an enormous amount of engaging content that players will no doubt be enjoying for years to come.”

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IVG Review: 8/10

“It is very easy to get lost in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Yet, despite the great refinements, innovative multiplayer and the mountain of content, it is important to acknowledge the fact that Brotherhood ignores what the series has established – the joy of exploring a world that is completely new. It might be unfair to call it a cash-in for all the effort that has gone into crafting it, but in light of the stunted story progression, are the incremental changes and a multiplayer component worth a full disc release? It’s a difficult question to answer. I’m inclined to call it a cash-in worth every penny it charges, but a cash-in nonetheless.”

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IVG Review: 9/10

“Gran Turismo 5 isn’t a perfect game, but it’s got its heart in the right place. It lays a heavy emphasis on a love for cars, driving, and motorsport, even if at times it borders on overindulgence. There are some technical issues, and some of the design decisions are bewildering, but once you get behind the wheel, and you hear the engine roar and the gears shift, it makes that five-year wait so worth it.”

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