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    [FREE] Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Darksiders II Deathinive Edition and Steep Standard Edition Valid till 9th January 21:29:59 IST
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    What a start for 2020. What a goal from Jahanbakhsh.
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    I’ve been delaying the purchase of this for a while now and I got this bestseller today! Who’s my super creepy stalker Santa? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes, sir. I trust professionals and value their calls. But going to them leads to lots of frustration, Also when different people say different things, And not easy on the pocket (might sound cheap but that's the truth) In the end I felt self accessing was the best thing, try it, if causing pain skip and move on to something else but keep at it ,i was lucky or it only needed more time to heal but going to the physio for a full year couldn't have been an option.
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    Since you consider yourself a "proper critic", surely you can come up with a better (and more objective) critique of the movie than just saying "storytelling didn't live up to the hype"?
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    i liked the movie, but after scorsese's comment on marvel movies not being real cinema, i watched this movie as a proper "rando" critic and i didnt find it living up to scorsese hype of his story telling.
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    Sell it to yourself via Quickr. The shipping fees are smaller i believe but not sure about non metro regions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Like I said, if you want to correct your running stance, you should run barefoot. Preferably on a track or soft grass so you don't cut yourself. Treadmill is the safest for barefoot running. You absolutely can not run on heels when barefoot because the impact is super painful, so it'll automatically correct your posture. It'll also strengthen your shins and Achilles tendons.
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    Nothing personal. Let's agree to disagree. Personally I enjoy India vs all top teams whether it's at home or abroad. Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
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    My pain used to start from right hip all the way down to legs, with numbness in lower leg and the pain used to go in my right testicle also, it was hell man. Stopped using bike as it was also a reason of pain. Did follow Athlean-x, this guy is good. But there are only one or two exercises for slipped disc. The one which I do is Back Extension in which you lie down on your stomach and raise your front body.
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