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    Sorry man i disagree respectfully. 5.5 lac indians stuck abroad vs 130 crore indians at home. Not easy decision but could have taken a bold step. A dumbass like me was warning people about this in January and you are telling me that the government taking action at the end of March was swift action? Fine but it does not feel swift at all to me. All this could have been avoided. Not just India but every country could have taken swift action back in January. WHO could have done the right thing as well. But alas all is in the past. Lets see how this goes. Although i can assure you that a few years from now, looking back at this- everyone would know that this was a fail on Epic proportions by everyone involved. See the thing is democratic society has its limits, it often falls to its own people. Let me tell you a story: There was a group of Indian pilgrims/students stranded in Iran. Iran authorities weren't allowing un-screened people to leave, they had blocked commercial flights too . And they didn't have capacity to screen everyone and they also had restricted evacuation flights. Then these pilgrims, their relatives started knocking doors of GoI, pestering them non-stop. So, MEA sent a mobile testing unit to Iran, tested all of the evacuees before getting them to India, so first batch came home Then remaining folks started making noise. So after couple of weeks they repeated this exercise. If this was North Korea or China or Pakistan, they would've asked these pilgrims to f**k off. We are a democratic country, so we cannot. Democracies are bound to fail in such scenarios because they cannot apply brute force. What it tells you that America and Australia has more cases registered after George Floyd episode than they had before it, majorly owing to protests You would understand this, some day....
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    All India. New - Recovered = Net New Wishful thinking. We had 5.5L Indians, students, tourists, businessmen who were abroad, we couldn't have abandoned them. We still acted much swiftly than other countries. But because states didn't take care of protocol properly, especially MH and Delhi, we got screwed.
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    f**k this hype drip feed sh*t. Give me the price and availability. Consoles are gonna launch in 3 months and we don't know sh*t.
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    Sort of a hybrid between Butter and Kadai Chicken. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    This makes so much sense. The people harping about Government's failure to ask 5.5L people to f**koff would be the same ones who would come out to criticise the govt if they actually did that. I dont know how any amount of govt intervention could offset people's stupidity.
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    Most commoners don't hold HM portfolio, neither are they basically Robin to Supreme Leader's Batman. Now Robin will be confined to hospital Ironic we never heard a peep till date about CM Tiger or Kejru from the media or the thekedars of wokeness/secularism/democracy/social justice/human rights etc etc. Here in Maharashtra only Fadnavis was screeching,( maybe Arnab's News channel too, but i don't bother with that one ) about how the corona situation was handled, for quite the obvious reasons, but no sounds from "Civil Society" Meanwhile all insta, twitter etc etc crying MODI BAD every day about our every increasing high score. Literally no way in this particular country or the other Indian Subcontinent countries could this be CoMpLeTeLy AvOiDeD, you cannot contain epidemics without the general public behaving themselves.
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    Every celeb/leader who was contracted, has announced on twitter. Shivraj Singh, Amitabh, Scindia, AMS, Sambit Patra, Sanjay Jha AS had swine flu few years back, he announced it too. If leaders themselves hide it like its a stigma, what commoners would do?
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    No day is a good day my friend. Every day is a catastrophe that could have been completely avoided. All govt had to do in January was stop all incoming and outgoing international flights. Instead we chose to bang thaalis and drop flowers from jets.
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    Have to say that looking at this and being tempted was one of the hardest temptations to avoid acting on.
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    Really enjoyed Raat Akeli Hai. Nawazzuddin great as usual. Really liked the bantering between him and his mother. Everyone acted pretty well. Had a chuckle when I saw Nawazzuddin and his senior together on screen the first time in movie. (Gangs of Wasseypur ki yaad aa gayi )
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    No you keep them forever. Regardless of your subscription status.
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    Oh! Right and that makes sense too. Sorry if you felt offended, no offense intended. People sadly will try to benefit, like you've mentioned and it is your right. I misunderstood your point and thought you were sort of defending lowballing. I'll see the show too. Thanks. Meanwhile some misinterpreted the n95 masks are unsafe trend and they've plummeted in price.
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    If you're willing to put in a little bit of effort and love motorsport and automobiles in general then yes. Each car feels so distinct, by the way it handles, sounds, what it likes, what it doesn't, what it can and cannot do. The joy of nailing forest elbow in itself is like a boss battle in any other game. Doing a single round of the nordschleife without putting a tyre wrong while at the extreme edge of the limit may be the final boss. On the other hand if you think you'll just jump into a car and be somewhere in the middle of the pack then hell no. You'll just be doing multiple donuts, driving into oncoming traffic, cross country excursions, meeting walls etc in no time.
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    In Russia, you already know the results of a trial. You work backwards from there.
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    Amit Shah tests positive for Covid-19. Maybe Congress might have something to do with it.
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