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  1. Arre recurring order banva lo. Subscription based.
  2. That's the hope. But we all know what @hope does to people.
  3. The one I placed the order with is the main outlet for my area, so I am pretty sure they'll get it. The guy asked me to call him on 2nd Feb because acc. to him he will get the units.
  4. Called Zupitex, he has no idea when stock will come in. I am itching to go grey and pick it up but don't wanna let go of warranty this time.
  5. Could be but I don't really care about delivery. I'll go and pick it up if the store gets the units.
  6. Received another text from Croma that Ps5 will be released on 2nd Feb and that we will be able to deliver on 2nd Feb.
  7. But @Jigsaw isn't joking. Bachke rehna.
  8. I think the whole point of a charging station is to have contact based charging, in this one we still have to align the type-c male ports. Good for the money but official one is worth the wait.
  9. Yes but in some cases you might have to download a Ps5 specific version from PSN. Other than that you are good to go.
  10. Yeah, you look at a 55" OLED in store and visually it looks smaller than the FALDs and when wall mounted, they look tiny even if the screen size is the same. Next time, I will move to 65" also.
  11. Response time and input lag are different. Former measures the time for the each individual pixel to change its parameters while the latter is how much time it takes for an input to be registered and to be displayed on the screen. OLEDs are excellent at both, no problems there.
  12. I have seen enough people playing hours of COD on their OLEDs without any burn-ins. I guess that's because in games, screens do change quite more frequently than a static logo on some channel. I don't see that as a problem. I would have bought CX too but I frequently leave Comedy Central or some sports channel running in the background for 6-7hrs at a stretch. But next time, I am gonna go for OLED/Mini-LED.
  13. A few hours of DTH a day is fine but if streaming is what you plan to use more, LG CX no questions. But again, 1.15-1.2L at best. Above that you will be paying too much.
  14. Any specific shop in Palika? Although with corona, I don't wanna go there. Koi ghar pe aake karva de, 500 extra lele.
  15. Actually @Bird Bird Bird has x95G which is much brighter than x90H, so here's what I'll recommend: Go x90H if you will be using the tv a lot for DTH specifically, you don't have to worry about static logos in streaming or local playback. If DTH is not the focus, go LG CX, hands down because CX has comparable or even a tad higher brightness than x90H and will suit better. x95G, x95H and upcoming x95J are much much more brighter than x90 series.
  16. Honest toh shi hai but atleast check toh karva de ek baar. Shipping me hi damage hogya toh kya krunga.
  17. Same. Fortunately my family is financially set, so never needed to plead. Wouldn't have needed to do that for Ps5 as well but how does it matter, gonna start earning eventually, a console here and there won't make or break my savings.
  18. Delhi me kha se? Also these guys will open and test the consoles in front of me, right? I saw a few videos regarding that. @HundredProofSam Delhi me kisi retailer ke pass available hoga?
  19. My parents paid for my Ps4 back in the day and even contributed for the Pro so I cam understand but this time, I am not asking them for much, a few grand if I hit a shortfall but that's it. Always welcome for any dms but best is to contact your seniors, I interned with some of them and they got their batchmates referred too, so try that.
  20. Bhai, I have slogged for last 4.5years and before I start working I am gonna have good 6-8 months of chill time. I am gonna take full advantage of it.
  21. I used to have a 360 back in the days, played heck out of Motorsport 4, it's probably the number 1 thing I miss about Xbox, but never jumped on the One series, so I am excited to get back to it with a tv worthy for it.
  22. This. I myself am looking to get XSX now. I want that gamepass machine and FH4's glory.
  23. Ab wife ne chup karva dia toh humko chipakoge kya yeh minutes
  24. Internship bro, kro and kma lo. Power your dreams!
  25. Or is it because you can't speak in front of her and this is all you get? 😂
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