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  1. I think we will see quick iterations and leaps in terms of the actual hardware in next 5 years. I won't be surprised that a 90% version is released in next 3 years, which is as small as a set of 3D glasses or somewhere near that. The slope at which a technology evolves is very steep after it is adapted by mainstream companies. Sooner than later we will be at a stage that these things will basically resemble thick aviators.
  2. Same. My return pickup from Tata Cliq is scheduled via Xpressbees and the damn pickup guy just keeps updating that pick-up wasn't possible because customer wasn't available. Even Delhivery is sh*t.
  3. https://twitter.com/sterlingcrispin/status/1665792422914453506?t=hwV6LCvIM5gi6Eh1sZIgVA&s=19
  4. Technofino is a Grade A fud spreader. The admin himself was caught by Axis for gaming the systems and his cards were cancelled. He was covered by mint as well where he conveniently skipped that he made points via loopholes etc. High spending is reported in AIS anyway, don't give much attention to the panic their posts try to create.
  5. Bhai paisa zyada kamaoge toh shauk bhi zyada honge na
  6. Do we need any coupon for this? I can't see 10% cashback option.
  7. I want Faze to win too but SSG is looking quite strong.
  8. When is the grand final scheduled? I think SSG will take it.
  9. That Match 4. What a game.
  10. Match 5 was such a clutch.
  11. Has been updated for many. CIBIL anyway processes in batches, so wait and see.
  12. Yes. HDFC only used to report High credit i.e. highest limit utilisation. They didn't report CL. So spends of all cards including HDFC were counted against a cumulative CL which didn't include HDFC CL, resulting in skewed credit utilisation.
  13. Auto. Their grievance cell had informed people that from May'23, CL will be reported and today it has started to reflect in my CIBIL. Although, a higher CIBIL won't help in getting cards which have secondary criterias, for most a CIBIL of 750 is enough.
  14. HDFC has started reporting CL to credit bureaus. Finally. CIBIL up by 10 points.
  15. It's already live. Just let the sub expire and subscribe to Extra from scratch. Discount is visible if you log in on Sony website or go via console. Without login, it shows the standard price.
  16. I don't even see manufacturers move towards microled, very few concept designs. Most probably OLED will continue to get reliability enhancements.
  17. One can always extend warranty. And double viewing experience bhi hai. This is like I will not buy Mercedes because repair cost is too much.
  18. All the issues are getting fixed via warranty. Not really a big issue.
  19. QLED does not even come close. Thoda jhelna padta hai for best PQ.
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