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  1. 49 minutes ago, SuperT said:

    Does it make sense to use the Amazon ICICI card on Amazon or use DCB via smartbuy ?  

    Depends on the amount you are spending and the value you can get out of the RP on DCB.


    Let me take an example:

    Sony WF1000XM4 = 16990 (post 2k discount on all cards) on Amz.


    Option 1: DCB on Smartbuy


    Amount Paid: 16990

    Base RPs: 16990/150 = 113*5 = 566

    Bonus RPs: 566*3  (3x SB multiplier) = 1699 - 566 = 1133

    Total RPs: 566 + 1133 = 1699


    Total Cost: 16990 - 1699 = 15291

    (1RP = 1RE)


    Option 2: Amz ICICI on Amz


    Base Amount: 16990

    Special Amz ICICI discount: 750

    Amount Paid: 16240

    Cashback (5%): 812


    Total Cost: 15428


    In this example DCB comes ahead.


    But there are some limitations:


    1) DCB has max bonus RP cap of 2500/day, 7500/month and post that you will only get the base RP while Amazon has 5% unlimited cashback.

    2) Assumed 1RP = 1RE as that is the redemption ratio for Flights/Hotels on Smartbuy and 1RP = 1 Air Mile, if you don't have this redemption use case then RP value is lower.

    3) 750 special discount for Amz ICICI is under offer period and shared among all the transactions in the offer period. If you do the above transaction outside the offer period then DCB will look even more attractive.


    So it really depends on:

    1) How much you are spending in 1 transaction and if 5% flat cashback ends up making sense over 2500+Base RPs.

    2) How many transactions you are doing in a month i.e. in case you exhaust 7500/month RPs.

    3) How you want to use the RPs, if you don't want any travel redemption or airmiles, Amz cashback makes a lot of sense.


    One more use case can be utilities payment. Smartbuy allows 5k Amz voucher/month but charges 150 as processing fee, so 5150 but offers 495 total points after bonus, hence a return of almost 9.5% over 5150.

    But Amz ICICI only gives 2% cashback over utility payments.


    So all in all, depends on how you cut it.


    I am trying to get DCB + Citi (Backup) and then Amz ICICI, which should cover all of my expenses.

    Will evaluate when Amex comes back or maybe 6-8 months down the line I can try for Infinia/next best.

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  2. 1 hour ago, SuperT said:

    Guys which is the best backup card ? I have a combo of DCB and Amex and multiple times I end up paying via Gpay because the merchant don't accept both. Should I go for the Amazon ICICI card ?

    Depends on your use case i.e. how do you use your Reward points.

    Amz ICICI is a good option because it's LTF or maybe you can look at Standard Chartered Ultimate because it gives flat 3.3% reward rate and you can buy hotel vouchers. Ideally only smallers merchants should not be accepting DCB.

    How often do you face this problem? Because if it's frequent then it makes sense to get a paid card otherwise Amz ICICI.

  3. 58 minutes ago, R3D_D3ViL said:

    Hey, can you PM me the HDFC CC email id’s where I can send a grievance mail. My cc is up for renewal and would like to try my rotten luck for an infinia. 

    Any news as to when AMEX is gonna accept new card users?



    No idea about Amex.

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  4. 23 hours ago, hannibal09 said:

    Call Prestige line at +91-22-49181050, 1-800-419-1050, one of group member got rejected so he called these numbers and got Prestige. 

    Trying to get PM and then convert to Prestige to get extra kick out of the welcome points.

    I have a few doubts though, can I immediately apply for Prestige upgrade after getting PM?

    Also what about the card fee, I assume I will only get 10,000 PM miles after I pay PM's fee, so once I upgrade I will have to pay full Prestige fee even though I will be upgrading asap?

  5. 10 hours ago, Root said:

    Does add-on cards also get listed in Cibil? If so what is advantage of an add on card?


    My wife has AU Zenith so should I apply for add on or go for a new Zenith application itself?

    Nope. Add-on cards don't contribute to the holder's credit score and hence not included in Cibil.

    There are only a few startups which started offering this functionality.


    Add-on card only helps you to put all the expenses on a particular card, nothing else. Generally for milestone based expenses.

    Apply one for yourself if you need one.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Walker said:

    I'm so torn right now. The last few days I've noticed a new 6-7 month old doggie, in the colony. Super friendly and she's probably been abandoned by someone. This one is so damn sweet. Always jumping up and running to me when I exit the gate. I have not said one word to her or even petted her and she still comes to me. Sits on my Activa when I'm ready to leave and I have to hunt her away.


    The ground floor neighbor was telling me every night she sits and howls. Probably depressed and missing her family. The folk in the building I live in don't like dogs, and actively hunt them away. This little thing is definitely not used to the outside and immediately runs into the staircase if the gate is left ajar. 


    Today broke my heart a little. It's been pouring all day and someone hunted her outside in the rain. I left the house to walk to the store. The poor thing followed me all the way to the store in the rain. I tried shooing her away (all the while feeling terrible about it) but she stayed and followed me all the way back, sticking to me under my umbrella.


    I want to bring her home, and hug her and tell her it's going to be ok. But I'm so I'll equipped to take in a dog. Lack of space being the main problem. Maybe just for a while?



    It won't be just for a while and you know that.

    Not an easy situation, you can try to find a shelter for her later but you have to be prepared to fully take her in if you are not able to.

    By any chance you can determine the breed if she is not a mix? Can get better idea about the space requirements then but I understand that with the cats already, it won't be easy.

  7. 1 hour ago, silv3rgunn3r said:

    Entire home runs on inverter itself and it's in UPS mode....and inspite of that fluctuations are still fkin up my devices lol. 


    That's very weird. Maybe the inverter is just passing the direct supply through and not regulating it. Shouldn't be the case on the UPS mode.

    Is your inverter sine wave?

  8. 1 hour ago, silv3rgunn3r said:

    Ya but I don't want to take further risk as my house is prone to severe fluctuations which had already affected my soundbar.....thank God soundbar was in warranty. The motherboard was replaced free of cost. So won't take any further risk 





    You can put your TV on the inverter, that should take care of the spikes. Can also enable UPS mode on your inverter.

  9. 5 hours ago, LordSpymaster said:

    Would they even be issuing new cards? Since they got sold to Axis... 

    They are. 

    Prestige holders will probably shift to Axis Reserve and PM to Atlas. But for now, Citi is issuing. Haven't been able to get a call for Prestige though while others are applying for PM and then upgrading to Prestige.

  10. 19 minutes ago, Snake said:

    They just BS’ing you bro

    Whatever it is. Anything is better than Regalia, now that Mastercard is unbanned, Citi might move back to the MC world elite variant so trying to get that. Axis might change the rewards in future but that’s a problem for another day.

  11. 17 minutes ago, Snake said:

    Yikes, be sure to let your RM know that he/she is the reason you’re moving all your expenses to another card

    Doing exactly that.

    I threatened them I will close the card and even move bank accounts but to no avail.


    And also in addition to that, they are saying my salary is too low. I mean, do any of the DCB/Infinia holders even meet the official requirement given on their website when they are given the card?


    They offer DCB for 70-80k net and my earnings are way north of that. CC asks me to share the documents which I have already shared with RM, RM's head and their CC rep. Kitno ko documents share kru?


    Just gonna keep Regalia around as it is LTF but really considering moving account to ICICI and trying Citi Prestige.

  12. So an update.

    HDFC is f**king sh*t.

    RM told me that he will get me LTF DCB because I am an IITD alumni and the same was promised to me when I graduated when the ban was running.

    But after stringing me for 2 weeks, they have rejected even DCB let alone infinia on the basis that my current Regalia's limit is too low (the same Regalia which was offered to me as a temporary fix till I get DCB and promised a credit limit and card upgrade) and also that my spend is not that high, idk how 6L+ in last 6 months is not as high.


    So long story short, gonna cut all of my expenses on Regalia. Trying to move to Citi Prestige.

  13. 1 hour ago, KunjanPSD said:

    Great thread, thanks a lot.

    On Citi's website, they just mention 4 miles/100 for both but they don't mention the transfer ratio. Prestige in that case offers better base reward rate for Airmiles even than DCB and Infinia.

    I am still not sure how things will change once the transfer is complete to Axis, any idea?

    I will probably apply for Prestige in case there is no risk of Axis devaluing it, PM if I don't get prestige and then I can use it as a backup for my DCB.


    Also, any idea about SC ultimate? 5 RP/150 and says 1RP = 1 RE but I can't find any Krisflyer Transfer option/Ratio. Looks to be a good option for backup card just want to check Airmiles transfer ration compared to OM/Prestige if available.

  14. 7 minutes ago, hannibal09 said:


    Prestige and Premiermiles are league apart. 

    They both have different rewards structure. Check my tweet. 



    Mods: if twitter link is against forum rules, please delete the post and I will keep that in mind 

    Great thread, thanks a lot.

    On Citi's website, they just mention 4 miles/100 for both but they don't mention the transfer ratio. Prestige in that case offers better base reward rate for Airmiles even than DCB and Infinia.

    I am still not sure how things will change once the transfer is complete to Axis, any idea?

    I will probably apply for Prestige in case there is no risk of Axis devaluing it, PM if I don't get prestige and then I can use it as a backup for my DCB.


  15. 1 hour ago, hannibal09 said:

    Yes they are still offering. Even they are running additional 4-5k cashback or voucher offers for new card members. Its best time to take Citi Cards. 

    But what happens when they become Axis? 

    What's the difference between prestige and premiermiles except the fees? Can't find much difference between the two, on website, both of them give 1RP/100 which is equal to 4 miles, so why pay 20k for prestige?

  16. 48 minutes ago, Felix the cat said:

     gamble theire money on crypto and those people can never make fourtune for themselves.

    You call it gambling yourself and then you say people can't make a fortune. You might be fully behind crypto but that doesn't mean people who aren't can't make money.

    You can make a fortune from stock market too, only difference is time taken.

  17. 15 minutes ago, hannibal09 said:

    Sorry for late reply 

    Axis Atlas is coming up as good option. Citi Premiermiles is also a good option. Both have 2 airmiles for every ₹100 spend and many transferable option. If your profile is good then you can call Citi Prestige line and ask them if you can get Prestige, if they say yes, apply for Premiermiles and if they say know, apply for Prestige. 

    This will ensure you get best conversion to Miles. 


    I had posted a twitter thread on using Citi points, you can check that out too. 


    Is Citi still offering new cards as they are exiting India and their cards business is going to Axis?

    Anyway, I think Atlas is my best option. Citi cards are too expensive as well.

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