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  1. Win toss. take fielding. win match. easy peasy.
  2. No way it's going to be offered for 50k again. And no one got it for 46k. Least price people got it was for 48k due to Axis cashback. In May itself I got it for wife for 70k after cashback. So at 52k it's an amazing deal within a few months.
  3. With ICICI card it's still available for 53k after discount. I expect the price to rise more by night.
  4. Healthkart seconded. We even have a physical store of Healthkart near my home. Never failed me.
  5. On a side note couple of my friends got the Pink color as nothing else was available at that price. They are opting for a full case now 😂
  6. Managed to grab it at 12.20 am. Was trying since 12 but flipkart wasn't letting payment through. Couldn't use Axis card due to server error otherwise would have saved 2200 more. So, had to use ICICI card. Wanted to get Starlight but wife already has it so opted for green. Still, not a bad deal imo.
  7. Important question iw hy mediocre chahal is playing and no Bishnoi.. Catching has been dogshit.
  8. Nothing and pixel 6A both had issues with updates making phone buggy so before buying one should check out the current status.
  9. S21 FE is the best option. Samsung UI is fluid and updates are timely plus a great camera set up. Realme Gt 2 pro at 33k with Snapdragon 8Gen 1 is also a great option. One plus 10R isn't a good phone so forget it.
  10. Wrap Pandya in cotton and keep him safe. He is invaluable for World Cup. Absolutely Chad hitting.
  11. In all my years of training one thing has been a constant. Never workout on empty stomach. If nothing else then eat 2 bananas half and hour before workout. Gives decent energy and no dizziness whatsoever.
  12. Really impressive new phones from Motorola. Especially the Edge fusion which can be had for 36k after discounts. It blows the pixel 6a out judging from the initial reviews. Really liked the overall design and that new beige color.
  13. Well, both ways win win 😂
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