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  1. Last of us was absolutely brilliant tv. I think they nailed the adaptation from game to show quite well. The only complaint I have is about Riley episode storyline which could have been done in 10 mins flat and not entire episode for it. And you guys are right. Playing the game I never felt Joel is selfish or evil. But in the show there are glimpses of him not being a good guy.
  2. They did same for Gayle too.. Brilliant gesture considering Gayle has been bad mouthing the franchise off late.
  3. John Wick 4 was absolute fun. Met my expectations and then some. Caine was my favourite new character. I believe this might be the end of the franchise. Epic send off. I hope someone makes a TV series exploring this High table world and the assassin's within with their gold coins. Will be a sure hit. Dragons breath and Osaka sequence were awesome. Especially the whole dragons breath cinematography was top class.
  4. I use You tube music because of my You tube premium subscription. It's very good so far. Earlier I used to use Spotify. Excellent as well. Thinking of giving Apple music a try too now. Amazon music is the worst. Less content and UI is cumbersome.
  5. Add WTC final to this comment too.. I have 0 hopes for both.
  6. Rohit and Dravid have royally screwed this team. I want Shastri and Kohli combo back. Atleast we used to Boss bilaterals easily. This team is basically Koach and Inshallah in chases.
  7. Iyer has to undergo surgery. Out of IPL and WTC final. Looks like KL and Gill both will play now. Will be interesting to see what positions though.
  8. Finally started The last of us. Will finish it fast and watch House of dragon next. Gotta watch all leftover shows in backlog for hbo as it's leaving hotstar on 31st.
  9. I am so glad this Humiliation happened. Coach is a complete joke. Zero flexibility in any format. Axar has been awesome with bat off late and he is still batting 8 and left stranded by idiot Siraj who can't even defend a ball in any format. SKY is only a T20 player with rubbish technique against a moving ball. I have 0 hopes from this coach and captain for WTC final or World cup. Let me enjoy IPL and I am glad Marsh is In form for my team DC 😀 BTW that Smith catch of Hardik was absolutely amazing. This is how slip should be and ours drop sitters.
  10. Apparently he missed John wick premier also so he might be ill. 60 is young enough and he looked so fit. One of my favorite actors. Liked him in Wire and Fringe. His voice was so commanding. RIP.
  11. For first 20 or something minutes I thought Maverick isn't even nominated for oscars anywhere. I was surprised it didn't won many awards. For me it's movie of last year easily and I didn't had so much fun in IMAX or otherwise for a long time..
  12. Looking forward to watch Shazam on Monday. Had great fun with the first one and trailer looks promising for this.
  13. Ya Sachin isn't there. Sehwag is missing too. Rest usual ones are playing. Fun matches. Especially that 10 over game ball was spinning like crazy.
  14. Watched last 100 runs of NZ game. Insane stuff. Great knock by Mitchell and Williamson has nerves of steel. So calm even on the last ball. Truly a champion. Feel for SL. Our game is a dull draw but thanks to NZ we have qualified for WTC and a BGT series win in a row for the 4th time as well. Plus our Win record for consecutive test series win has extended to 16 now. Don't think this will ever be broken by anyone. Absolute dominance.
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