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  1. Quite a few games I haven't played in the HK list. So, Upgrading will be fine for me. My PS plus will be ending in Dec so lesse how much extra i will have to pay. Why is The last of us missing in the list, i believe that was also announced.
  2. Kishan shouldn't be anywhere near the Indian team. Tripathi should get a go and he deserves it if selectors have any brain. SKY is injured i believe. DK as youngster 😛. Pant as captain will be a disaster. Make Iyer as captain. Chahal or kuldeep should play and Ash should be back up. Obviously I want DC to win but after DC i always support RCB so it won't be a total heartbreak especially with Kohli back in some form now. Maxi deserves player of the match rather than kohli. His bowling was good and that catch was simply brilliant. RCB could have still lose if he hadn't played the 18 ball 40. With Rohit stating they will be experimenting more players in last game DC chances of winning are quite good. I hope MI play Arjun and rest Bumrah tomorrow 😉
  3. Do check the reviews as the ones I saw mentioned XM4 are better than XM5 in few aspects.
  4. I stay in Faridabad. For Bollywood movies we watch at near by PVR or INOX. For Marvel movies or something like Top Gun we always prefer watching at CityWalk IMAX. And we usually eat at the food court rather than eating overpriced not tasty food in the hall. DS2 is indeed 400 for Prime seats which are semi recliner and are quite comfortable so we are watching it coming Monday. A decade back when I was doing a job in Noida I used to watch lots of movies at Spice and Wave. Always preferred Wave due to better screen and seats. Broken seats in IMAX is quite shocking. I have seen few movies in Noida IMAX when it was built and they were quite good then.
  5. Happening since sometime. CityWalk IMAX was 1000 and 1500 when released. That's why I wait for 10 days after release when it comes down to 350-400 for weekday afternoon shows. And let's not talk about the atrocious Popcorn and snacks prices..
  6. Don't get both. Alcazar is underpowered and not worth the price. Safari has niggles and the touchscreen in both Harrier and Safari isn't good enough. Among 6/7 seater Kia Caren is the best bet. Even if you have to wait for couple of months. XUV700 is another good option but waiting period is too high. Mg hector is a good option as well though I am not sure how good is it's drive so do a TD before making your mind.
  7. It almost cost RCb the game yesterday. If not for DK they would have ended below par score and lose the match. Kohli needs to atleast maintain a 130 SR minimum otherwise he has no business being in a T20 side. I have never seen any GOAT player degrade against spin so fast and so much. Even at end of their career Sachin and Lara were monsters against spin. Primarily cos with every other shot they were excellent playing the sweep. Sachin even developed the paddle sweep which so many players play now. Kohli never made an effort to learn how to sweep the spin bowler effectively and his down the ground and leg side wrist shots at his peak were so dominant he didn't care. Now when fielders are placed for that knowing he won't sweep he is getting in trouble again and again. Even yesterday dismissal ball was a perfect ball to sweep but he chose to play an extravagant on drive cos he can't sweep and got bowled. If he wants to keep playing he needs to go back to domestic and start practicing sweep and even reverse sweeps.
  8. Even Ganguly couldn't save this scumbag..
  9. Any suggestions for a 2TB external Hard drive? Mainly needed to connect with TV and occasionally with PS4.
  10. As per some leaks iPhone 14 and 14 max will stick with A15 chip and 14 pro and pro max will get the A16 chip. Imo it's quite an absurd decision if true.
  11. He has always been interested only in the money making and keeping brands happy. I have never cared for his reviews. In fact most tech you tubers are same these days.
  12. 69 to win. Just RCB things...
  13. So only Dhoni can do it. Pant learned from the best 😛 Well fines have been issued to players and Amre. Rightly so however Umpires as usual will keep making dubious calls without any repurcussions. Nitin Menon used to be a good umpire when he started. Now he is another Virender Sharma.
  14. f**king village idiotic umpires. That was a no ball. 18 off 3 and 17 in 4 balls is a huge difference and the way Powell was hitting it was do able. Stupid dumb umpires killed the chase. Pant will be penalised for disrupting the match but someone needs to penalise these idiotic umpires too. This IPL has been the worst in terms of umpiring.
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