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  1. I am really angry at Jadeja. Great innings but what a moron he is between the wickets. Sarfraz was gutted. Deserved a 100. Jadeja is a selfish cricketer. If you have followed his career from start you will know. Anyways, Sarfraz batted beautifully and reminded everyone why he is averaging 70 in first class. Tight defense, rare guy who ducks under bouncers, brilliant against spin. And whoever said stuff about his fitness needs to eat a humble pie as he was very good between the wickets. I envision more accolades for him.
  2. No one is being forced. It's a mandate. Everyone is free to ignore it but then they won't be selected for Indian team and everyone knows if you are out of favor then ipl career also goes down the drain. Ishan has done a stupid mistake and may not find a spot soon.
  3. Why should a youngster bother playing domestic when ipl will give him 15cr easily. Although as per reports he will play next Ranji game.
  4. Bumrah is a magician. That yorker to Pope was chefs kiss.
  5. Rohit is a bad captain in tests. He has no plans, no thinking of making things happen. Plus he goes defensive the moment opposition scores couple of fours. Gave umpteen easy singles. Kohli aggression is really missed. Gill needs to go. Get Patidhar in. Ideally Sarfraz should had a debut by now but selectors and management just care for ipl stars. They don't care who deserves a chance due to domestic. If pitch is similar next game. Drop Siraj and play Kuldeep. Siraj bowled total 11 overs in the game. When they didn't have confidence in his bowling why play him. No accountability. I am glad for Windies. What a fight. Lovely cricket. Lara was so emotional in Comm box.
  6. Highlights for me- 1. Jaiswal did Bazball better than England. 2. Stokes is a real clutch player when team needs him. 3. Axar is still underutilized by Rohit. 4. Bumrah is the best pacer for a reason. Brilliant ball to dismiss Stokes. 5. Rohit throwing wicket away after a start. Has become a pattern irrespective of format. 6. Ash was great as usual. Jaddu though expensive picked wickets. 7. Tomorrow will be great fun. Should look at 150 lead minimum. 8. Somewhere on earth watching Hartley, Bashir feeling good he didn't get Visa on time for this match.
  7. That's actually not true. It was a family celebration of his brothers something. Also he was training with Hardik after couple of days so he will be back in contention through ipl.
  8. If he isn't keeping for DC then he won't keep in World cup too. No point playing him then. Keeping I will be decided in ipl form surely. KL/Jitesh/Kishan being primary contenders.
  9. I believe Rohit has all but confirmed his opening position for T20 world cup. Also with his super over Bishnoi decision he may stay as Captain too. Barring injury this should be the order- Rohit Kohli SKY Hardik Rinku Another batter/all rounder Keeper Axar Kuldeep/bishnoi/Jadeja Shami/Siraj Bumrah If Hardik plays then spots are open for a batter and keeper depending on whose in form in IPL.
  10. What an Insane match. Best decision of his life by Rohit. Not giving ball to Avesh in super over.
  11. Most Thar owners have easily overtaken most Fortuners owners in the douchebag category. Such a shame as both are fine cars in their segments driven by morons.
  12. I saw 4 episodes when it came out and then forgot about it. Will finish it now.
  13. Try selling it. Might be a 2-3k loss if you are fine with it.
  14. Rohit back as Captain against Afghanistan. I hope he does well if selectors are insisting to play him in World cup.
  15. Don't worry. I am ready for the Poms to bitch about the pitch in a months time when our spin trio will make them dance. Some habits don't die.
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