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  1. So, curator has been sacked. Imo it's quite harsh as we all agree pitch was tough to Bat but not impossible. It's the inability of our batters to play quality spin which is exposed again and again. And to sack a curator just after one pitch is a bad precedent especially when curator specifically said he received a request from Indian team to create a spinning track. Now all curators will prepare 200+ tracks with bowlers treated as bowling machines.
  2. UI is much smoother and better to navigate through I feel. Plus in 10 there use to be occasional hang ups which I haven't experienced in 11. Been 6 months since I upgraded and it's worth it for me.
  3. Prime doesn't gives any discount all year now. Same with Disney Hotstar. Netflix I have no idea as I share with 3 other guys. This. So, should I watch TLOU premiere episode or should I wait for all to air and binge it?
  4. I don't have a Mac but iphone works fine with my Dell as well. Although I am definitely getting a Mac once Dell breaks up. Get the Win 11. It's much better than 10 imo.
  5. I am thinking of let all the episodes air and then watch it. Such a good show and what a shame how Jeremy is going through his freak accident right now.
  6. Always follow manufacture guidelines for servicing irrespective of Kms run. Otherwise warranty will be voided and in this day and age warranty is critical. Also, only do the things mentioned in service booklet which mainly includes just oil and filter changes. For eg- if service interval is stated as 1 year. Do it then even if you just run it for 1000kms.
  7. Shaw has only himself to blame. He needs to prove through his performances he is good enough at this level. Coming IPL can be deal maker for him if he scores runs and most importantly if he shows improvement in fielding and fitness. With yo yo test back fitness will be main criteria in selections again. Maybe that's why Rohit looked leaner in press conference 😂
  8. Umran Malik got Shanaka out.. Delivery was clocked at 155kmph. Fastest by an Indian bowler in IT20 till now. I hope he breaches 160 one day.
  9. Avatar 2 us just a glorified Visual spectacle with a zero story line and absolutely nil emotional connect. Plus it's so long that we can watch 2 movies in the same time. Few people left before movie even finished. Plus 3d gave us a headache. Not going to watch another Avatar again.
  10. not a chance when we have KS bharat with domestic exploits and Ishan and Samson as known faces. I don't think so. He is a fighter as seen in his cricketing career. Plus he is just 24-25. Yuvi was at end of his career so his coming back was more tough. I am quite sure by end of the year Rishabh will be back.
  11. Humans make mistake no matter who they are. Pant is lucky to be alive. This whole year will go in recovery and rehabilitation. He is lucky to have world class health professionals helping him with that. So, who will be our keeper in BGT now. Don't think Samson or Ishan have great FC record. Maybe Bharat.
  12. Booked Monday tickets for Imax Gurgaon. Was interested in trying the new ICE 3d of PVR but all the reviews I checked stated IMAX screen is still better so.. Only concern is sitting for more than 3.5 hours..
  13. Dozed off. Plus fog. Recipe for disaster. Lucky escape for him 🙏
  14. H series reviews aren't good. U6G is still touted to be better option. U6G is usually available both on flipkart and Amazon.
  15. I tried using Apple maps with carplay. Didn't like it. Tried using it on mobile. Didn't like it. So, Google maps for everything. Also, Siri screws up voice commands in Carplay. Google assistant is infinitely better.
  16. SKY first class record isn't great. Rather give Sarfraz a chance who is making 100 after 100 in domestic. For tests we should choose the performers from domestic otherwise why all this Ranji trophy etc are played. Good to see BKL isn't vice captain anymore. Doesn't deserve it and selectors again screwed up not making Shreyas VC in ODI. What has Bishnoi done to be omitted so much. Same with Shaw.
  17. I am confident about series win cos Jadeja will be back. Ash, Jadeja are lethal in India. Include Axar/Kuldeep and it's a formidable attack. Plus Jadeja strengthens batting a lot. Aussies barring Smith and to an extent Labs are bad against quality spin. I don't have any hopes from top order. These morons will again play BKL and bench Gill who is in form and has been good against Aussies in Australia itself. Pant, Shreyas, Ash and Jadeja are only hopes.
  18. I worry for the BGT. we need a 3-1 kinda result to be sure for WTC final. But, looking at how pathetic our batters are barring Puji and Iyer it looks doubtful. Only silver lining is Bumrah and Jadeja back. If Rohit is back BKL should be kicked out and Gill should be persisted with as has been good against Aussie before.
  19. ASH is the real KING... AND Shreyas is irreplaceable now. Kudos!!
  20. Let's not forget his 5 drop catches today as well. Kohli should never be in slips.
  21. After Ganguly as board president, Dravid as coach is worst thing to happen in Indian cricket. What ridiculous dead bat batting was today. Only Axar knew how to Bat positively cos you need to make runs to win. Killer instinct of team is completely gone. KL Rahul is absolutely useless. Kohli is averaging below 30 since last 3 Years. Till when selectors will persist with them. Can't play pace, can't play spin too. Thankfully the real batters Shreyas and Pant are still to come so this match still may result in win. Also dropping your best bowler Kuldeep from last test was an A class idiotic move by Coach and Captain.
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