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  1. Yeah i always used the right stick (hopeful of not having a drift issue cause of that on switch). What i meant was if i recall correctly there was section in the game where you become a tank and on the wii u gamepad it became first person perspective. Bit of immersion. both annoying and fun. Anyways, i hope they do a good job with the ports.
  2. Couple of worries i have with this. One being they don't go epic exclusive for PC at the end of the production like many other publishers did. Secondly, replacing the Wii U gamepad screen functionality for the game.Unlike TMS which had just messaging during gameplay if i remember, this game had more gameplay features on the small screen. Have to see how they'll do that. Still looking forward to the Switch version. Was one of the most underrated games for the Wii U. Don't know if i should pledge for it though.
  3. Been a while nothing posted here. Went with the original.
  4. Even after all that controversy. Now there is a new issue. Pokemon Home feels like a ripoff at the moment.
  5. So, The Arrow came to an end today. Going to miss the show. It surely had its ups and downs but it was a good show.
  6. Thought this franchise was dead..Good to see its returning.
  7. I can get zacian via trade anyways. the gyms n gym trainers made more sense in shield than sword considering the region they are in. Also, it's been a thing that GF adds most of the good stuff to their second version than the first one. The game just arrived by the way.
  8. There are 2 more surprise announcements for this game. One on Jan 30 and other on Feb 13. Wonder what else they would add.
  9. Well, that's disappointing Smash Stream. Turns out to be Byleth from Fire Emblem. So have to see what the announcement from DMC team is today.
  10. Sora is what i'm hoping for which would mean some hope of KH coming to switch
  11. There is some announcement about the game on Switch today. Either Dante is the 5th DLC character for Smash or its something else.
  12. Watching livestream by gamexplain of this game. Looks a bit repetitive.
  13. @roun90 So, nothing new that i haven't played. Maybe will wait for a deep sale. Yeah i've ordered a copy of Shield locally.
  14. Does Mario Kart 8 offer anything special on the Switch compared to the Wii U? i have the Wii U version and have played it entirely. The game is on sale at the moment in eshop hence wanted to know.
  15. Agent 47

    Persona 5

    This was never posted so leaving it here. If you want to go in blind into the game do not watch them. Though they are not much of a spoiler, still have been placed under spoiler tag. Watching this it feels there is much more to this than just being a regular Musou game. It behaves more like a direct sequel than a spin-off which raises even further question as to why this game is coming to Switch and not P5R or even Vanilla P5. Those who haven't played P5 won't get a grasp of the entire story. Or maybe Atlus has something to reveal but they are just holding onto it.
  16. Never been a fan of that spin off series. Demo is available on eshop. Will try and see. Its a remake of the old rescue team.
  17. @roun90 Fire emblem is one of my favorite franchise and i've played previous games so i'll feel right at home with it. That is something i'll look forward to. I also forgot there is Animal Crossing releasing in march. Been waiting for it for a long time. Getting back to SWSH, i did some read up just now. You are right that the locations do match the gyms that are in shield. I've also heard Zacian is broken from the beginning cause of very high stats. Yes, i do know trading require online subscription. But are galarian ponyta or farfetch'd tradeable or they remain exclusive?
  18. I just finished odyssey and was looking for the next game. Couple of options i looked at starting with Luigi's Mansion 3, BoTW, FE and DQ XI. Then after yesterday's Pokemon Direct i started looking at SWSH as well. The last pokemon i played was X so it has been a long time. Games like Luigi's mansion or odyssey is like once you finish them there is nothing much to do in them. So was looking for something more of a long term play value. BoTW is something i have bit of a concern about cause all my life have been playing much linear zelda games so going open world is something i'm not able to adjust to. I know its a great game and must have but i don't know if i want it right away. As for older pokemons, i was kinda upset in the beginning then i brushed it off. Though, 200 odd pokemons are being added to the game (free of charge, if i assume it correctly) regardless you own the expansion pass (coming in June) or not which costs $30.As for sales, nintendo has been putting their first party titles on sales many times especially last christmas and black friday. Even at the moment MK 8 deluxe is on sale. But i'm not a big fan of Digital Games and there i don't have any option of getting discounts. I would like a preowned copy but i doubt anyone would sell it. Since you own shield, you can probably answer this. Apart from the exclusive pokemons for the individual versions, Does shield have any advantage over sword or vice-versa like good gym leaders etc. As for pokemons, i know they can be traded so that ain't an issue.
  19. To whoever owns Pokemon Sword or Shield, do you think its worth full price?
  20. Agent 47

    Persona 5

    Yeah, even i have a feeling story isn't going to be great. SMT V is nowhere to be seen (expecting something about it this year). Until then P5R would have been nice on other platforms too. Well, anyways lets hope they change their decision. I also believe SMT can exist other platforms as well. Exclusivity doesn't help the audience in any way.
  21. Agent 47

    Persona 5

    Doesn't make sense to release this on Switch and not releasing P5R or even regular one cause this is set after the events of P5. Plus its a Musou game (like dynasty warriors) not to my liking. Why can't they just release P5 on Switch or on PC. Its time for this to come to PC..
  22. Sega was kinda dying anyways that time. Nintendo was working with Sony which failed. Philips entered and worsened it even further for Ninty.
  23. Lol..chill out dude. Most of us go through that feeling many times. You don't get that feeling fine. Nobody is getting personal here. As you already mentioned the concerns about controller's battery. That would mean you might have a plan of not using it for forseeable future.The rumors were present last year and they have again returned this year. There are lot of things to consider before we assume a new SKU is coming. (i was expecting a bunch of videos to be thrown at me ) As for how many years you have been gaming, i have no clue as to what has that got to be do with anything but good for you. In Short, you be the better judge of things. Get the controller, use it, its region free. My Wii U pro controller still works even after not charging for long time so switch pro controller should be fine since they use same battery type.
  24. Firstly, there is no concrete proof that "Switch Pro" is releasing this year. It's only been 3 years in its cycle and has already got somewhat of a hardware revision last year. Bluetooth accessories aren't region locked. If you don't intend to use the controller at all, why do you even want to buy it. It's not like it is gonna go out of stock in future. Unless you are planning to use it on PC. What if they launch new pro controller with the "Switch Pro". Still no clue as to what you are trying to achieve. Feels like you have money lying around but do not know what to spend it on. Checking out current trending item but unsure to spend on it. You are in dilemma all the way.
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