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  1. It’s all about popularity levels case by case. MilesM is an exception coz it was more or less a small side title part of Spider-Man,design & engine wise. Days Gone came after 2 years,HorizonZD after 3 & GoW/Spider-Man after 4. Remasters of PS3 games still haven’t.
  2. They need to take it upto Xbox’s standards. Otherwise it’s just not worth playing games at 720p30fps.
  3. Read the chain of conversation more correctly. I asked what other exclusive games & he started counting these. Which are neither exclusive outside of 3 months nor made by M$. But go give him credit anyway That’s “your personal problem”
  4. Yep 30m ppl playing a game on an install base of 140m. Everyone has played it!!
  5. Just 3-4months exclusivity. It could be hardly defined as exclusive. A lot of day1 GamesPass games rope in this deal,tunic already announced for PS. Doesn’t mean one would start calling them M$ games. That’s almost like congratulating M$ for Deathloop’s reviews.
  6. Doesn’t look mind boggling next gen though. Could be because of the scale.
  7. It needs to have 4k@120fps support I think. VRR is only required for 40+ & 60+ Modes.
  8. So I have an important question to ask. RE7 got a PSVR support. Will I be able to play it through PSVR2?!? Or it’s only RE8 that will be compatible with that?!?
  9. That’s what was expected all along. But if they keep giving old AAA games like GoW,Spider-Man,Lost Legacy upwards. It will be atleast useful for someone out there. Getting Doki Doki Manchurian would have been no good to anyone. Edit:- Also some of the ppl on this (& I’m sure on other)forums GoW,Uncharted,Spider-Man getting PC ports:- “Oh hell yeah!!!,Sony going all in with their content” GoW,Uncharted,Spider-Man getting PS+Essential releases:- “Oh what dumpster trash old stuff are they offering” Arrey bhai kya pajama chhaap log hai by the gawds
  10. PS+Extra also has online features. & it’s also labelled PS+ It would be better if one would have better attack co-ordinates. That’s all I said. But ppl won’t coz the old propaganda needs to continue forward. Ignoring the better offerings.
  11. Lol Inviting me to the thread on purpose & not even withstanding what I have to say about that meme?!? Yeah right!!
  12. Implementing 40fps @ Native4k won’t as easy on this one. It’s visually much more demanding than SM & Buch bigger in scope than R&C.
  13. That’s free so no one cares. If Sony started giving above mentioned games with candies & chips they wouldn’t crib about PS+Essential either. But now since PS+Extra is good….they need reason to raise propaganda,extort discounts from Sony.
  14. Spider-Man is the biggest system selling franchise in history of couch consoles. 33m sold already. I don’t think it makes any sense to let Spider-Man 2 not do the same for PS5. Specially when they releasing 1 now!! After 4 full years of milking it.
  15. Lol I don’t attack ppl unless they tell me my head is not in the right place As for my humble explanations. It would have been wiser if the meme creator (or even the poster) had mentioned specifically PS+Essential. As PS+Extra is also PS+ & Spider-ManMM,Returnal,GoT,DS,GoG,AC V,DemonS,Crysis R,Mafia DE are anything but “Trash Games” As for the intent…..it will always remain the same,crap on PS coz it ain’t giving us “more discounts”
  16. They kinda right now will lose money. Many PC gamers will hold off their PS5/PS4 purchases & they’ll also lose attached royalties & subscription revenue that comes with it. But it’s necessary sacrifice coz console business might get obsolete sometime in the future streaming picks up. They need to get their footing stronger outside of consoles.
  17. Exactly. They need to release GoT first before ppl jumping straight to SM2. I personally in all honesty do not care as I don’t intend to build PC or anything to do with PC & the whole console war thing is already at par coz M$ is already giving their games free on PC let alone make them day & date. But what is evidently visible obviously is!! Creating this fake atmosphere & making ppl to believe they’ll start getting PC ports day 1 just yet is kinda a hardcore shill movement.
  18. It’s not about money. It’s about survival. They need a strong footing on both Console,PC & Streaming market now. The business dynamics are ever changing. Picking up 5 year old strategies & pointing out u turns is like really dumb.
  19. I want this to be a semi-open world like New Tomb Raider/GoW. Change the corridor design.
  20. I know you want it but in all honesty Leaving these L holders aside who like to present a mountain out of a molehill. If they haven’t released/announced TLOU & GoT for PC Expecting Spider-Man 2 on day1 PC wouldn’t be advised. If they aren’t doing it with HorizonFW,GT7,GoW~R would be unwise to think they will for Spider-Man 2.
  21. Why haven’t they Announced GoT & R&C yet. Why not release HorizonFW,GT7 & GoW~R day & date with PC You & many others are already holding an L in hands with 2-3-4 even 5 year old games (depending on popularity) getting ported & jumping around like “all exclusives are on PC now”
  22. RE1-6 were same Storyline RE7 onwards it was a reboot,but same universe. Remakes are same story as originals just better design.
  23. Consoles will remain their bread & butter. They are making games for consoles primarily. Only releasing games on PC on popularity bases. Damn GoW & Spider-Man took 4 years to show up. 4 Years is like more than half a console generation.
  24. By the time Miles comes….It will be full 2 years old,Not less than. Returnal still not announced. But I personally think they should release it & DemonSouls too. Both niche genres & need more audiences.
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