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  1. Epic bro! THat is an amazing shirt. At the next IVG meet you can wear it
  2. Got these amazing gifts from my banta today: Thanks for the gift Santa Will let him reveal himself
  3. Thanks, hoped it'll last you for years! How's the light look when lit up?
  4. Is there a corner where we Santa's can cry when their Banta's do not post
  5. Woah! Awesome gifts all around Performance pressure ho raha
  6. Even he's not posting, neither his gifts nor his previous year's Santa based on your meticulous research!
  7. All banta's atleast shouuld post @Snake I got you, imma get back
  8. My guess would be cococart as they are the official distributors/ importers
  9. Is this the start of a love story? Great gifts all around folks
  10. Agreed also I think tht if some people want to sit and listen to different headphones then there's no reason not to
  11. To be fair there was Senn mentioned. Glass half full! And those have semi-decent SQ though
  12. Let's have an IVG audiophile meet
  13. Oh! and everyone is requested to wear any clothing that they get and click a photo!
  14. This is THE week, this thread should spice up quite a bit!
  15. A bit late but lots of options for FP. Beans I like from Naivo/ Rossette. You can try also Tulum, blue tokai, savorworks etc!
  16. What is the advantage of transferring v/s direct booking on smartbuy? ICICI are the worst, axis was devalued. Maybe Amex, but they have their own quirks.
  17. I didn't even know we could do that. How do we do that? I just thought we could redeem them on booking flights via smartbuy :noob:
  18. Haha arre Christmas Tak to pahunchna chahiye And I don't know if it's only me but most of Amazon's orders are delayed
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