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  1. Hmmm, this does put things into perspective. Also I had missed that Shadow of TR & Just Cause is this year Yusss!
  2. Just heard on GameSpot Stage Show Day 1 that Cyberpunk is going to be First person so not sure what I feel about it.
  3. I won't say bad bad but I guess we all were expecting another exciting big AAA IP, release dates for TLOU2, Death Stranding and some third party fireworks like FF7, Rocksteady stuff or Avengers. Also Xbox eating lot of third party reveals didn't really show up good on PS, strictly speaking E3 presentation wise.
  4. Conflicted about this E3. Enough games but all surprisingly seem too distant in release dates.
  5. I love the soft glow look to everything in Smash. Would love to see FF Lightning one day
  6. FF7, Avengers, Outriders, Rocksteady stuff, more announcements.. all missing!? Unreal. It is crazy how far away some of these games sound right about now as they didn't choose to show up here. Sony wasn't able to rope in DMC5 for presentation too, which is almost suspicious. But visuals wise, TLOU & Ghost seemed UNBELIEVABLE I know Sony's first party titles aren't known for significant downgrades... but I'll be damned if these are finals!!
  7. Ya, it has a certain cinematic bling to it we don't expect it even with ps4.
  8. I would be far happier with this conf if BG&E wouldn't seem as far as 20/21 at this point.
  9. Sounds great. Been on the fence for it. Will try later probably.
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