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    Steam deals

    Does PUBG ever come on sale? I suck at BR games, but the urge to try it is too much!
  2. kayten


    Asia server added. Loot drops are also in now!
  3. kayten


    I'm playing it and I'm finding it quite fun. add me up on psn: gamewidkayten i will be online most days during night.
  4. kayten


    Anyone playing BR? Can squad up. psn: gamewidkayten
  5. I have started playing full manual. The game is at its best in this mode. Played against a player from London (from Pes fan forum) using friendly match lobby and the connection was very good. But the normal matchmaking modes are horrible and connection is pathetic.
  6. Game is receiving favorable reviews. Hope the online experience is the same as the beta experience.
  7. Bolt is a marketing tool. He is rumroured to be taking trails with Dortmund? Playing the game on manual passing with advanced through ball. Now, we are speaking of simulation. Shows how difficult/tricky it is to do any kind of pass, but when done correctly can give immense joy.
  8. Mixed feelings on the demo. Felt the onlin beta was better. The more I play the more I am getting used to it though!
  9. Pc demo would come out probably on the release date. Try the demo on the consoles.
  10. kayten

    FIFA 18

    The real feel of the game will be realised only when we play. I thought, PES2018, had no improvements initially but the moment I picked up the online beta, I was blown away by the improvements. Game looks great from the video.
  11. I wonder what is going to be covered for clan matches! They are keeping any info specific to 3v3 wrapped?
  12. It's fantastic. This game will be heaven for manual plyers.
  13. Looking forward to the beta.
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