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  1. kayten


    This definitely feels like a mobile first game
  2. kayten

    It Takes Two

    Just finished the game.. The game is like going to a crazy theme park and fully enjoy the rides in the park.
  3. kayten

    It Takes Two

    This game is gold standard in 3d platformers. I just entered chapter 3. Chapter 2 was just incredible.. set piece after set piece.. The director has truly walked the talk.
  4. Been playing Valheim over the weekends. It's fun
  5. kayten

    Mumbai Gullies

    A team of 30 is working on this project. The founder of this studio is very active on YouTube. Looks like the studio is targeting for a 2022 launch.
  6. Buzz for few days for adults.. can be jackpot for kids.
  7. Just finished the game. The ending was quite strong. I don't know if I love the game but I know that the team deserves all the plaudits that they are receiving. Hats off.
  8. I am just starting this section now.. Kind of tired to be honest. Took a break for two hours to reflect on all the things that happened.. Left in a state of misery at this moment.
  9. Some seriously freaky atmosphere in the recent levels that I am playing.
  10. Still in day 1 of Seattle. Thoroughly enjoying the game now.
  11. Yeah runs quite loud on my vanilla PS4. Tit scared to do the cleaning process myself 😁
  12. Just finished a 3 hour long session. Pretty sure the game is going to have a lot of flashback sections.
  13. The atmosphere is phenomenal.. the tension when playing the game is real
  14. A common gripe is the shallow content loaded in the game to keep its game length at 25+ hours. That is a concern for people who have limited playtime and rush through games always (basically me)
  15. Very eager for this game
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