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  1. Name: Nathan PSN: Nathan_ulags Team: Chelsea
  2. Nathan 8-2 Dan Dan 0-8 Nathan Sudhir 1-1 Nathan Nathan 6-2 Sudhir Sar 1-1 Nathan Nathan 6-0 Sar Great games boys! Finished all my games! Thanks @bharat_SSfor organising this! It was fun!
  3. Nathan 4-0 Azaan Azaan 2-1 Nathan Great games bro! very well played!! Good luck for the rest of your games!
  4. Bharat 1- 6 Nathan Nathan 7-1 Bharat Great games bro!! Thanks for trying to complete our games early :-) good luck for your rest!
  5. Hussain 2-3 Nathan Nathan 7-3 Hussain Great games bro! Good luck for your rest of the games:-)
  6. Great games bro! Best of luck for the rest of the tournament!!
  7. GW2 fixture: Mrinal 3-3 Nathan Nathan 5-1 Mrinal Great games! Gg wp!!
  8. Name: Nathan PSN: Nathan_ulags Team: Chelsea
  9. Played Hussain! Hussain 3-2 Nathan Nathan 4-1 Hussain Gg wp broo! Good luck for the rest of the games!
  10. Played Sanwal! Nathan 3-0 San San 1-12 Nathan Fun games bro!! Good luck for your rest!
  11. Played Aditya! Aditya 3-5 Nathan Nathan 6-0 Aditya Great games broo! Good luck for the rest of the tourney!
  12. Played Sudhir. Sudhir 1-4 Nathan Nathan 5-1 Sudhir Great games bro! Unlucky with your finishing!
  13. Changing team to River Plate ?
  14. Name: Nathan Psn: Nathan_ulags Team: LOSC Lille
  15. Semi final Armaan 1-4 Nathan Great game :-) Final Sudhir 1-0 Nathan GGs WP both. Congrats champion Sudhir!!
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