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  1. Thank you, I live in Dubai.Picked it up from Amazon
  2. Haha... Hard work pays off I guess.. Also I'm 32, not married yet and live alone... Couldn't ask for anything else ?
  3. Got mine last night... Tried a couple of games quite impressed. Quick resume doesn't work with gears 5 yet tho. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  4. Arrived last night. Quite impressed... Thought it would be too big for my entertainment cabinet but doesn't look too bad. Now to wait next week for my PS5 to be. Delivered. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  5. Nope not that i know of..The PS5 is for my brother (xmas gift) ? , will be bringing it down when i go back home (mumbai) in dec
  6. PS5 is sold out here ,though i managed to get one pre ordered ?.19th cant come soon enough
  7. Here in the UAE, there's still plenty of stock of the series x available. Ps 5 sold out in seconds over here.
  8. Managed to get it pre ordered... Was sold out quick
  9. No freebies Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  10. My bro picked it up from bombay it self.Croma had the c9 65 inch but display piece only. 55inch cx oled came to aroung 1.6
  11. Picked up the 55 inch oled cx today. Guys will have it installed tomorrow. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  12. Jake

    Cyberpunk 2077

    PS5 for me too, just preordered the collectors edition.. Can't wait. I guess this is the first game I'm gonna play on my PS5.
  13. Have you tried starting without being connected to the net?
  14. Yea got it from ikea - it's called detolf glass case
  15. Thanks it's one of my favorites, huge fan of the TV show. I had picked it up when I was in Hong Kong Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  16. Picked up a sideshow figure, got a really good deal for it to add to my collection. Love the classic Wolverine from the comics. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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