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  1. Wow didn't realize this thread was still active! Though I'm not sure how it went from lowballing discussions to N95 face mask prices Anyway, I've since moved to Texas after creating this thread a while ago. There are some lowballers here too on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace but nowhere near as bad as OLX. Most people are very decent and barely ask for 10% off. It's very refreshing So when I get lowballed these days I just say "No" or don't bother replying. Don't want to risk pissing off someone with a smartass reply and have them show up at my door with a gun or something I'm not even kidding. Last week I sold N64 controllers to some dude and he showed up with a handgun stuffed in his back pocket . Luckily he just paid cash and thanked me and left.
  2. bowser


    It still exists luckily. Didn't get affected by the great snap from last year
  3. I'm sure there are people who collect Xbox also but for some reason a lot of people are not willing to share pics of their collections and I have no clue why.
  4. Daaaamn man I didn't know you were collecting 2 of each console!
  5. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair on Switch. I'm very impressed with the variety in the levels.
  6. You should post the updated pic now with that sweet silver PS2
  7. Got a chance to display my collection properly after moving to my new place last year.
  8. @recyclebin32 I actually started an official collection thread here some time ago for people to post pics. Here it is: I've collected a lot more stuff since that post. Some of the later posts by others may have vanished because of the recent data loss. Do you have more pics? I didn't count but not sure if there are 900 games in that shelf. Unless you count the NES and SNES classic as 50 games (30 + 20). It's nice to see your stuff came out of the closet and into a proper display shelf. You've been quite busy the last few years building your collection
  9. Oh ok. But even at launch quoting 25k is nothing short of looting.
  10. Just finished Zelda Minish Cap on Gameboy Advance. Planning to start either Child of Light or Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair on Switch.
  11. This thread is pretty funny: https://www.indianvideogamer.com/forums/index.php?/topic/55202-nintendo-switch-lite-release-in-india/ Switch Lite price is way higher than the regular Switch
  12. Yes you're right. I keep stealing glances at it every few seconds to make sure it's still there and it's not a dream
  13. Yeah I found it just a few miles away from me on Craigslist. But the problem is it weighs about a ton and it nearly killed me moving it from the seller's place to my 1st floor apartment. A huge shout out to my friend who helped me but it was still extremely difficult.
  14. Nintendo GameCube kiosk. It was used as a demo station in retail stores in the early 2000s.
  15. @stainofficial It's 100% fake. The label is the giveaway. eBay and Amazon are full of fakes. You can usually tell by the price. Authentic ones will cost at least $20-30. Also it's most probably fake if it's listed as new. And if the seller is from Hong Kong/China, it's guaranteed to be fake. Fake means they are pirated copies. They will work and will probably save but they're not authentic. @GunnerY2J Thanks for tagging me. I love Nintendo retro discussions!
  16. Nintendo DS dev kit. Dunno how this ended up in India but I'm glad I found it. Makes for an interesting display piece. Loving that "Confidential Property of Nintendo" sticker!
  17. Are you sure it was original Spigen? Amazon and Flipkart are filled with Chinese fakes that cost around 400. Even if it was original, there are various models. Tough armour model provides the best protection I believe.
  18. I didn't buy all of these this week but I got the Pikachu one recently and decided to take a pic of all of them. Still need transparent blue and transparent red to complete the collection.
  19. This is not for free download codes but for actual physical stuff that I want to give away for free. You only have to pay shipping. 1) 2 region converter thingies for the Nintendo 64. I couldn't figure out how to get them to work. 2) Nyko charging dock for Wii remotes. I'm pretty sure the dock works but you need to get the rechargeable batteries elsewhere. I only have the dock. 3) Zelda Twilight Princess HD outer slip cover. Use it for display or to replace your missing cover.
  20. I think Retro Studios mostly consists of former Rare employees so they're not really unproven.
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