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  1. Hey sorry for the late reply. I have all 3 sizes and it's certainly not Y000. That is for the microscopic screws used inside iPhones and such. Y0 is too big and won't even fit the screw head whereas Y000 is too small and there's a high chance of stripping the screw and locking yourself out of the joycon. The correct size is Y00. And feel free to ping me any time on Whatsapp directly
  2. Whoa we can see undead posts now after the forum upgrade? That's totally rad!
  3. Nice look! Now let's see if this post fixes my rank Edit: Guess not I joined over 4 years ago, have 300+ posts, won 6 days and 220+ rep but the forum says I'm still a newbie
  4. To be honest I haven't played any of those yet. I like to play only one game at a time from start to finish and right now I'm stuck with Xenoblade Chronicles 2. But I've heard a lot about the GBA Final Fantasy games and I'm itching to start one of those next.
  5. Can you guys please edit your posts to remove all the quoted pics? It introduced a lot of scrolling on the page. Thanks in advance!
  6. I actually found both of those in India The Neo Geo was not working when I got it. It was also missing the AV and power cables. I managed to source the cables (jugaad, not original lol) and when I finally hooked it up it wasn't working. I'm good with repairs so I opened it up and traced it down to a faulty capacitor. Replaced that and it started working. I got it with an excellent game called Viewpoint.
  7. Thanks! I've been actively collecting since 2016 I guess. After collecting some stuff I started this thread. You can see the difference since then from the very first post in this thread Yes I'm in the US now and I sourced most of the limited edition stuff here. But a huge chunk of these games were found in India when I was living there. I got it all shipped here last year when I moved.
  8. I shipped most of my games to the US and setup my game room again View from the door: Slot car racing set: GameCube kiosk: The Wall: I hand-made these wooden custom stands myself for displaying Gameboy games: Closer views of the right half of the wall: All these are hooked up and ready to go at any moment: Placement of the CRT is awkward but I didn't have any other choice with the limited space.
  9. I live in the US and I see tons of these fake controllers everywhere. US market is flooded with them and they're all in Japanese packaging. Over here only the ones in English packaging are legit and everything else is fake. I myself bought a Xenoblade edition in Jap packaging and returned it because it was fake.
  10. Hey thanks for tagging me I'm sorry to say but your controller is definitely fake. It's as @Bird Bird Bird said, there are no more brand new original special edition controllers available in the market. They were discontinued long back. Any "new" ones you find are definitely fake. Even on Amazon. There are some issues with the paint job on your controller that tells me it is fake. Here is a screenshot of an original controller taken directly from Nintendo's YouTube channel from the Smash Bros controller announcement. First take a look at the parts circled in red. In the original one, there is a clear boundary for the white paint around the plus and minus buttons. There is a small recess around the button and the paint does not extend into that. However, on yours part of the recess is also painted. You cannot put this down to manufacturing error. These things are made on an assembly line and they are all exactly the same with zero differences. Next, look at the parts circled in green. On the original the paint job is razor sharp at the corners. But yours is not as sharp. Especially the corner next to the d-pad is clearly round and not sharp. How much did you pay for this and from where did you get it? You should return it and get your money back ASAP. These fake pro controllers are getting better and better every day and it's a becoming a big nuisance. It's becoming very difficult to spot a fake just by visual inspection. All the functionalities like NFC, wake up button, even HD rumble are getting copied. I think the Chinese are browsing forums like this and using this feedback to improve the knockoffs lol. Can you share a clear pic of the Nintendo logo on the USB-C charging cable that came with this controller? Link to video:
  11. Wow didn't realize this thread was still active! Though I'm not sure how it went from lowballing discussions to N95 face mask prices Anyway, I've since moved to Texas after creating this thread a while ago. There are some lowballers here too on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace but nowhere near as bad as OLX. Most people are very decent and barely ask for 10% off. It's very refreshing So when I get lowballed these days I just say "No" or don't bother replying. Don't want to risk pissing off someone with a smartass reply and have them show up at my door with a gun or something I'm not even kidding. Last week I sold N64 controllers to some dude and he showed up with a handgun stuffed in his back pocket . Luckily he just paid cash and thanked me and left.
  12. It still exists luckily. Didn't get affected by the great snap from last year
  13. Nope but I've heard of it. For some reason I thought it was a random kid's game
  14. I'm sure there are people who collect Xbox also but for some reason a lot of people are not willing to share pics of their collections and I have no clue why.
  15. Daaaamn man I didn't know you were collecting 2 of each console!
  16. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair on Switch. I'm very impressed with the variety in the levels.
  17. You should post the updated pic now with that sweet silver PS2
  18. Got a chance to display my collection properly after moving to my new place last year.
  19. @recyclebin32 I actually started an official collection thread here some time ago for people to post pics. Here it is: I've collected a lot more stuff since that post. Some of the later posts by others may have vanished because of the recent data loss. Do you have more pics? I didn't count but not sure if there are 900 games in that shelf. Unless you count the NES and SNES classic as 50 games (30 + 20). It's nice to see your stuff came out of the closet and into a proper display shelf. You've been quite busy the last few years building your collection
  20. Oh ok. But even at launch quoting 25k is nothing short of looting.
  21. Just finished Zelda Minish Cap on Gameboy Advance. Planning to start either Child of Light or Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair on Switch.
  22. This thread is pretty funny: https://www.indianvideogamer.com/forums/index.php?/topic/55202-nintendo-switch-lite-release-in-india/ Switch Lite price is way higher than the regular Switch
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