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  1. Nintendo DS dev kit. Dunno how this ended up in India but I'm glad I found it. Makes for an interesting display piece. Loving that "Confidential Property of Nintendo" sticker!
  2. Are you sure it was original Spigen? Amazon and Flipkart are filled with Chinese fakes that cost around 400. Even if it was original, there are various models. Tough armour model provides the best protection I believe.
  3. I didn't buy all of these this week but I got the Pikachu one recently and decided to take a pic of all of them. Still need transparent blue and transparent red to complete the collection.
  4. This is not for free download codes but for actual physical stuff that I want to give away for free. You only have to pay shipping. 1) 2 region converter thingies for the Nintendo 64. I couldn't figure out how to get them to work. 2) Nyko charging dock for Wii remotes. I'm pretty sure the dock works but you need to get the rechargeable batteries elsewhere. I only have the dock. 3) Zelda Twilight Princess HD outer slip cover. Use it for display or to replace your missing cover.
  5. I think Retro Studios mostly consists of former Rare employees so they're not really unproven.
  6. @Nathan.Drake Cooking is a must in this game. Try figuring out some nice recipes. You can replenish hearts in the middle of a fight.
  7. Going by Nintendo's history they like to release a new/updated model roughly every 2 years. This is true since the past 20 years ever since the Game Boy Color was released in 1998. So it's entirely possible something for Switch will be announced next year. Most probably a revision that fixes some issues.
  8. Do you happen to have pics of the joy cons during disassembly? If you do, please try to post them here: http://www.indianvideogamer.com/forums/index.php?/topic/52696-nintendo-games-and-consoles-repair/
  9. All 600 games for PS3? You should post a pic of that game library in the collection thread
  10. Lol! This is actually only 1/3rd of the Wii U library.
  11. Hehe I have added a Pokemon edition Gameboy Color recently to my collection Also, this is my updated Wii U collection:
  12. I heard the holy grail of PS3 collecting is a game called NBA Elite 11. The game got cancelled just a few days before release and a few copies somehow got out.
  13. Err....what was it? Image seems to be broken.
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