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  1. Nah.... Fake ones always weigh less. Accounting for the accuracy of the machine used I'm very confident it's original at 248 grams. They will open just fine but you need to use the perfect size screwdriver and apply pressure as you turn. Using a screwdriver with even a little bit of play will cause the screws to strip. You'll need to weigh it. Simplest method to determine authenticity. It should be at least 245 grams.
  2. Wow over 24 hours with no comments Perhaps the regulars are actually busy *gasp* playing their games!
  3. Wow.... No wonder this thread keeps getting locked all the time. You always read between the lines and make unfounded assumptions to fuel arguments. Where the hell did I say those games have lesser entertainment value? I'm sure they're amazing in their own right. I've heard a lot about them. I merely said Nintendo has the biggest entertainment value in terms of broader appeal. PS and Xbox have excellent games but probably geared more towards the hardcore. Most people on forums are gamers and fall more towards the hardcore category. But the layman more often than not knows Mario rather than Kratos. The layman more often than not refers to any video game as a "Nintendo". By the way, I don't care if Nintendo is the biggest or not (but you certainly do). My only point is Nintendo games are for adults as much as PS and Xbox.
  4. All good man! I just got slightly confused by the emoji earlier but no worries. I do agree sometimes their pricing is definitely.... "ambitious" haha. When most people talk about games the default context is entertainment value. I noticed you're mostly concerned with sales numbers and revenue like you're the CFO of all 3 companies. Oh... If this thread is about pulling each other's legs that's fine. But people seem to take it very seriously
  5. What did I say? I just asked a question. But by that logic animated movies, cartoons and comics are also only for kids. I understand you are interpreting the other guy's comment though. What's your take on Nintendo?
  6. That's too bad I guess. Nintendo is the number 1 video game company in most parts of the world. Especially in their biggest markets North America and Europe. And adults are their biggest consumers more than kids. So Nintendo definitely knows a thing or two on what makes a good game. Anyone who thinks Nintendo is for kids are missing out on some of the best gaming experiences available.
  7. What's the rationale behind referring to Nintendo gamers as kids?
  8. Why does this thread keep getting locked and unlocked so much? It's pointless since it's pretty obvious people are going to fight.
  9. Yep, ninty4eva lol! The projector has a rated lag of 50ms. More than enough for my gaming needs. I'm not into crazy fast moving FPS so it's good enough for me. House has a central ventilation system (I'm in the US now, moved here along with my collection a few years ago). This is Samsung's flagship projector specially designed for movies. And it's 4K. It's not one of the cheap office projectors most people are used to It's an RGB triple laser 4K projector and color gamut is equal to OLED. Only thing it can't achieve is the OLED black levels. I also got a special 120" screen for it to enhance the black levels. Overall it's extremely close to a 120" 4K OLED TV so there's no way I'm going to downgrade to 70" To get a better idea you can search for reviews on Samsung LSP9T ultra short throw projector. Also, all the seats in the sofas are actually powered recliners so no need for extra footrests. And the middle seat in the 3-seater folds out into a table with cupholders so it's all taken care of already
  10. I'm playing Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii U. About 130 hours in and close to completing the main story. This game is super polished and extremely impressive. Absolutely HUGE open world and no loading screens unless you fast travel. You can get to any point on the map. It's exactly like Zelda BotW and no surprises there because Monolith Soft used their experience to help Nintendo craft BotW.
  11. I moved to a new house and completely revamped the game room compared to the previous one I posted last year! I've come a long way since I started this thread 5 years ago. It's been a fun journey. Met lots of people along the way. I think this is my final setup. No energy to go beyond this. Gaming on a 120" screen with 5.1 speakers is really something else. The room is closed with no windows. Proper man cave More close up pics of everything in the following link (contains some old pics from before the projector was setup): https://imgur.com/a/UBZWZsu
  12. Hey sorry for the late reply. I have all 3 sizes and it's certainly not Y000. That is for the microscopic screws used inside iPhones and such. Y0 is too big and won't even fit the screw head whereas Y000 is too small and there's a high chance of stripping the screw and locking yourself out of the joycon. The correct size is Y00. And feel free to ping me any time on Whatsapp directly
  13. Whoa we can see undead posts now after the forum upgrade? That's totally rad!
  14. Nice look! Now let's see if this post fixes my rank Edit: Guess not I joined over 4 years ago, have 300+ posts, won 6 days and 220+ rep but the forum says I'm still a newbie
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