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  1. I've got a legit version of Link's Awakening on my Switch already. Proof: https://i.imgur.com/SpE41Zx.jpg
  2. bowser

    What you bought this week

    Almost 7k but the joy-cons in this pic were from Play-Asia for 5.5k. Rest of the stuff was bought in Dubai.
  3. bowser

    What you bought this week

    From a recent Dubai trip:
  4. bowser

    PSP Battery Help

    Most probably but you can still try. It will give a message during checkout if batteries are not allowed.
  5. bowser

    PSP Battery Help

    I think AliExpress doesn't ship batteries to India because of import regulations. At least they didn't last time I tried over a year ago.
  6. bowser

    What you bought this week

    Hot damn! How much did it cost?
  7. Nope. Got it from China through Aliexpress.
  8. Decided to mod a Gameboy Advance to have a backlit screen. The original screen has no light source whatsoever and relies on an external light source for the screen to be visible. Needless to say the GBA is damn near unusable in this age of backlit screens (but it was awesome back in the day). Here is a pic from Google to demonstrate: The form factor of the original GBA is perfect and the screen of the GBA SP is perfect so this mod is to combine the best attributes of both to make the ultimate Gameboy Advance! Parts gathered. Adaptor ribbon in the middle: Everything disassembled: Testing that everything is working properly: Front half of the GBA shell. Parts of the plastic need to be cut to accommodate the new screen: After cutting: New screen fits perfectly: Everything reassembled: Games look awesome
  9. bowser

    What you bought this week

    Didn't really buy but rather I made this backlit Gameboy Advance. It's not an easy mod but I did it successfully I posted more details of the steps required to achieve this in the Official Collection Pics thread here: http://www.indianvideogamer.com/forums/index.php?/topic/52684-official-post-your-collection-pics-thread/
  10. bowser

    What you bought this week

    Now I just need Mario Party 6 to complete the series
  11. bowser

    Suggestions and feedback

    Why was it down?
  12. bowser

    What you bought this week

    Nintendo DS dev kit. Dunno how this ended up in India but I'm glad I found it. Makes for an interesting display piece. Loving that "Confidential Property of Nintendo" sticker!
  13. bowser

    What you bought this week

    Are you sure it was original Spigen? Amazon and Flipkart are filled with Chinese fakes that cost around 400. Even if it was original, there are various models. Tough armour model provides the best protection I believe.
  14. bowser

    What you bought this week

    I didn't buy all of these this week but I got the Pikachu one recently and decided to take a pic of all of them. Still need transparent blue and transparent red to complete the collection.
  15. bowser

    The "It's free!" thread