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  1. Congratulations to Liverpool and their fans
  2. Even I rewatched it a few days ago, superb movie.
  3. True. Even the serials, the new ones are way too flashy and too much stretched to infinity.
  4. Kirti


    I'll not get into racism part (which I'm also against) but China is the reason we have Covid 19 and the whole world is suffering. Previously also China was the reason for SARS, so they are the troublemakers.
  5. Knew this was coming. Rough times at Spurs, they are clueless right now. No fighting spirit. They even don't know what formation to play with current injuries. Don't know why Mou is not trying Troy Parrott with the only striker option available right now.
  6. Bach gaye bhaisaab torture se . I've saved myself from not watching even one of his films. Trailer hi kafi hote hain . There is a scarcity of good original songs these days, infact the remixes are also so dumb and rubbish that you feel like thrashing the remix composer. Also you can see in what direction our bollywood is going after seeing the filmfare awardees. Good movies goes unnoticed and rubbish ones are praised.
  7. The first line of Rajeev Masand's review of Baaghi-3 "Even by the abysmally low standards of the first two films in the franchise, Baaghi 3 is a sh*t show"
  8. I beg to differ, if you try both without vegetables then Maggie wins even chings, top ramen, yippee also taste good without the veggies. Patanjali maggie is not great though and Veggies are like icing on the cake. But then it depends on personal preference.
  9. You should try the throat and lungs part of goat, that's also tastes good if not the intestine. Even I don't like intestine.
  10. @kunjanp @GunnerY2JThe walking catfish you are referring to, is it Magur fish? and they are sold alive here for 180/- to 200/- kg. You'd mentioned waghur fish before, are they both the same variety(Magur/Waghur).
  11. Try Singhara, it's a sea fish (that's what my fish vendor says). Nice in taste. Will be a good starter. Single bone fish but it's a bit costly. Here in dehradun it sells for 300/- to 400/- kg. I think it is a kind of catfish but big in size.
  12. @GunnerY2J can't we go for sea fish for nutritional value as they are not farmed (correct me if I'm wrong). And I think Rohu is also farmed so that's why cheap. Singhara is also very good.
  13. Can anybody tell how Vivo Z1 Pro is, currently for a price tag of 10990/- (the lowest till now). And how is Vivo in providing updates.
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