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  1. Anyone played this on Series S? How was the performance...
  2. Wow here's hoping UC collection is next.
  3. Carnival's IMAX Wadala used to be my go-to because of the huge screen and dome structure. Not sure if they still show movies in IMAX format anymore. Also, thinking to watch DS2 in Screen X. That 270 degrees feel of Raimi's signature camera moves! woo
  4. Yeah last Moon Knight episode was insane. They really captured the vibe of comics where even the reader is confused what's going on like the protagonist. I'm a sucker for Egyptian mythology and pyramids, the exploration bits were probably the best since The Mummy(1999).
  5. 80s vibe is strong! Also, straight from the comics
  6. Asus TUF series, even if you aren't looking for a gaming laptop. That thing is a workhorse and built like a tank. Dell isn't as reliable as it once was.
  7. Oh Bollywood also is trash now. Gone are the days when there were movies like Rang De Basanti, Lakshya, Swadesh or even good blockbusters like the first Dhoom or Munnabhai. Can't even name a memorable movie from the last 5 years or so.
  8. South flicks be like > OP hero > zero threat to him, beats 1000 guys without breaking a sweat > same old script from 70s > melodrama that would even put hindi tv serials to shame > loud songs
  9. Max Payne 2 still holds up well surprisingly. Mona Sax
  10. Multiverse of Madness tickets pre booking is already up for some cities!
  11. Underrated af show. Still remember getting renewed for the last seasons was a big deal because it didn't have many viewers, while everyone and their dog watched Big Bang Theory. And Gillian Jacobs. She was amazing in Love(Netflix series) but hasn't been in much lately.
  12. The Smiths' keep looking worse each passing day. At least Chris Rock is moving on from the incident and behaved like a professional.
  13. Not sure if this is the right place to ask, my cousin just found out about ACCA recently and he has done his Bcom years ago. What scope does it have and is it the right path to pursue if he wants to do an MBA in US/Canada/UK in near future?
  14. Moon Knight first episode was dope! Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke are killing it.
  15. He got issues, first the choking incident and now this.
  16. Yeah lol these so called "comedians" think they're funny. Another cringey moment from the Oscars.
  17. Pixel 4a users, did the March update make your phone worse like everyone's saying on reddit? The recurring issue seems to be lag after using the fingerprint sensor.
  18. Nah, MI movies have kind of got stale after the fourth one. I mean sure, Cruise does some crazy stunts but everything else is just fine. The first MI is still the best in the series imo, felt like a real spy thriller. About NTTD, yeah Craig does look his age and doesn't have much chemistry with Lea. But it still nails some stuff feeling like an old school Bond movie. The DB5 chase is amazing. The villain's lair reminded me of Dr. No. Especially the last hour! It goes on forever and the characters feel lifeless.
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