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  1. He got issues, first the choking incident and now this.
  2. Yeah lol these so called "comedians" think they're funny. Another cringey moment from the Oscars.
  3. Pixel 4a users, did the March update make your phone worse like everyone's saying on reddit? The recurring issue seems to be lag after using the fingerprint sensor.
  4. Nah, MI movies have kind of got stale after the fourth one. I mean sure, Cruise does some crazy stunts but everything else is just fine. The first MI is still the best in the series imo, felt like a real spy thriller. About NTTD, yeah Craig does look his age and doesn't have much chemistry with Lea. But it still nails some stuff feeling like an old school Bond movie. The DB5 chase is amazing. The villain's lair reminded me of Dr. No. Especially the last hour! It goes on forever and the characters feel lifeless.
  5. Worth getting for Series S? Having an itch to play this again!
  6. Lol if you have to ask why it was hyped then maybe you aren't the target audience. 3 Spider-Men for the first time on big screen.
  7. Average rating is 7.6 on RT so it's in line with that. The movie isn't as smart as it thinks it is though. It tried to be very Fincher-lite but Zodiac/Se7en had interesting plot and mystery about the killer which this movie was lacking.
  8. I liked the first half but man, the last hour could have used some editing. It just goes on for so long than it needed to be. It doesn't have the theatricality or memorable dialogues of Nolan movies, nor the grand over the top comic-like version in BvS. Begins, Returns and TDK are still the top Batman movies for me.
  9. Makes up for the meh February lineup. Series S runs GoTG pretty well after the latest patch.
  10. Surprised seeing lot of vacant seats even for the Friday and Saturday shows. No rush like Spider-Man or Bond.
  11. WTF is that logo. Ryu looks dope though!
  12. Oddly enough it hasn't been on sale many times like their other games. Wonder if the sales figures are done like Hollywood accounting.
  13. Can't help but cringe anytime a 80s or 90s Bollywood movie is on TV. Idk how people even used to watch such crap. 2000s was the only decent decade imo with few good movies in the 90s.
  14. Hailee and Florence both were so good together!
  15. Book of Booba latest episode Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!
  16. Planning to lose 6-8kgs, I mostly do weight training with HIIT on alternate days. Will skipping rope and cycling outside help in this case? I just can't eat oats for breakfast , usually go with wheat pasta or bread and boiled eggs.
  17. inb4 Holland Peter goes to college meets Gwen and Curt Connors is his professor.
  18. NWH beat Infinity War and Force Awakens openings despite releasing in a pandemic!
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