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    Loves shooter and action adventure styled games e.g Gears of war , Call of Duty , Halo, Mass Effect , Uncharted.

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  1. No but she is one of the writers at Aspyr.
  2. Keep your expectations in check
  3. Yes only if it is a Special Edition.
  4. You get seizures just by looking at it.
  5. Mysteryman


    Will it be gory and show dismemberment?
  6. I guess only time will tell. But we know that Jim is that kind of businessman with an eye on profits.
  7. Since it is not cross gen, it’s obvious that there is no upgrade path. case in point is Spiderman
  8. 100% that they won’t be an upgrade path.
  9. Everyone talking only about GTAV but not Skyrim. They equally rivaled in generations. Todd must be sad that GTAV is taking all the attention.
  10. Mysteryman


    There are thousands of mementos given by tourists so I guess a Tamil visited this American pub.
  11. Yes. Also MCU movies left a huge impression on us (not the comics and cartoons) and fans wanted to have the same faces in avengers and guardians games which is a financial nightmare so they wasn’t happy with what they designed of course
  12. Woke. Though it’s not really much for now. Cory will do any game proper justice. It’s inevitable that times have changed since the original trilogy. Diversity is okay as long as it does not impact creative freedom and logical sense. also to my request, let’s not derail this thread with such discussion and talk more about the game.
  13. Lol. Afraid of using that w word?
  14. I see. I guess BioWare cannot promote or sell the original since they don’t have rights anymore.
  15. Am surprised that BioWare is not mentioned anywhere in the end. Has BioWare surrendered the rights back to Lucasfilms? Not a big issue. BioWare need to focus on the next Dragon age and Mass effect which we probably won’t hear of any update till 2022.
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