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  1. Wonder if they will continue the anime after this movie. A lot left in the manga. A great manga overall. Too bad the final chapter left me a sour taste. Plenty of opportunity to serialize.
  2. My biggest concern is the pricing of new games. Though it remains unchanged since PS3 gen for the US market at $60 and may continue next gen for some developers. But for India, it has jumped from 2.5k to 4K thanks to the weakening rupee. Any higher and demand will fall even further. Subscription and Gamepass may get more popular in India to get access to the latest games.
  3. Platinumed Resident Evil 3. 12th platinum Appears hard in the beginning due to multiple difficulty setting trophies but they allow cheats making them a walk in a park. Otherwise would be impossible. Only the final boss is challenging in the harder difficulty settings. As for the game, it was good however it was a lazy remake and too short. Could have been better by including puzzles, places and iconic enemies and moments cut from the original game.
  4. Good campaign but not better than the original campaign. It’s a prequel of sorts. One warning - you need to download 200plus GB to play. Not sure if they separate the campaign and MP now.
  5. Mysteryman

    Doom Eternal

    Finally something from Bethesda. It has been quiet for a long time. Hope they show its other games especially Wolfenstein 3 and Starfall. Unsure how many DLC parts planned. Is it part one of the ancient gods arc DLC or first DLC of the two DLCs?
  6. Rocksteady is a reputed developer but hearing that SS is an actual game and Gaas disappoint me. Let’s see what they will show. 5 years in development is a long time. Hope they show the other game by WB. My expectations are in check considering the drama with Halo Infinite and Avengers.
  7. Agreed. Not seeing positive reviews in Metacritic and these impressions look monotonous. Just brainless punching and shooting. No skills or strategy. Just straight head on and throw punches whenever you find an enemy. Expected from a MMO game.
  8. Yes Sam is correct, an example to mind is Crossfire X campaign. Only its multiplayer will be available game pass day 1.
  9. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    That would be crazy if they follow the Modern Warfare route and that in 10 years . Successive episodes to one game would increase the file size. Hoping the base game and previous additions are not required to play each episode.
  10. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    Agreed. Era is run and moderated by far left and liberal people. You have to accept the opinions of the women and people of color even if they imply hate, fake news or basically nonsense like inclusion, gender or culture appropriation. Gaf has more hate.
  11. Cool. Sony makes announcements close to the show so it could be anytime or Maybe next Tuesday.
  12. When is the State of Play this August?
  13. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    What are you talking about? Halo 1-4 and Reach were among the top graphics games in their times especially Halo 4 in the last days of the 360.
  14. Saved myself the money spent on Series X. If they show last gen gameplay why would we upgrade?
  15. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    My Actual reaction
  16. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    Jim Ryan is right. Halo Infinite Graphics is held back due to cross gen. They took 5 years and a new engine yet the graphics are the same as in Reach. Are they including the 360?
  17. Only excited for Crossfire X. Rest doesn’t appeal to me though I am likely to play Halo for nostalgia sake.
  18. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    Maybe. Also curious what the subtitle Infinite stands for. I know it is not unlimited Halos. Lol.
  19. Funny but not exactly. I am referring to his Game Awards which most premieres are sh*t.
  20. Mysteryman

    Halo Infinite

    An open world game doesn’t suit Halo. At most should be at least semi open for the campaign of course.
  21. And tightening government regulations on E-commerce sites to protect mom and pop stores (a huge voter base). Snapdeal and Paytm used to be big. Snapdeal is dead and Paytm is only to make some small transactions like food.
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