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  1. Wow someone has poor taste in collectibles.
  2. Mx2games and gametheshop
  3. Preorder to get an ugly mug.
  4. I could see it easily on sale in the first few months. My hopes are in check even for Suicide Squad.
  5. Day 1. Physical for me. no need to preorder as there will be lots of stock. Every CEX store has an oversupply of first party Sony games. I only preorder for some Japanese games and collectors items as stocks for them are usually limited.
  6. I don’t mind the remake but the pricing is ridiculous. Same pricing as a brand new game. Hope the market corrects it and it drops as fast as seen in Bethesda games
  7. No. One of the offerings is literally a third person mode of the full base game.
  8. Cool. There might be a possibility they skip it this year as there were no discount or promotion during the new ps plus launch.
  9. Ah now I understand.
  10. Also known as the Resetera mode. Even some era folks are unhappy that there is an uncensored version.
  11. Not scammers - but their customer support seriously sucks.
  12. Releasing on November 17th. Preorder page is up in Steam.
  13. More like the the golden 1980s-2010s years when such politics and feelings didn’t matter then. No hard left and right crap now
  14. Go back to Retardera. Your friends and opinions belong there
  15. You know very well what I am talking about especially those camera angles.
  16. Those days are long gone. Now the devs are pussies to the libtards.
  17. One more thing - I like to ask is do LG oled C1 TVs come with a table stand? Or does it come separately?
  18. I see. It depends on the local shop. Which shop and city are you referring to when you got your TV? I am in Bangalore. 85k is a steal.
  19. LG best shop has a physical presence and got a 4 rating. Seller for 1 year and 9 months in FK. Seems safe?
  20. So Four FFVII games in development. So we have Rebirth (part 2), Crisis Core, and part 3. What is the fourth one? Some mobile game?
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