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    Lies of P

    combat looked boring, tbh, too slow. Loved everything else...
  2. settings, if I remember correctly...
  3. MJ and Miles missions kinda ruined the pacing of the game, hated those.
  4. Going to be honest, not feeling it even though the combat and gameplay videos look fun, the characters all look dull, doubly so when you compare them with the old gang from 3 & 4.
  5. Selfless self promotion: Anybody looking to still get this on pc, i can help you get this at 3200 provided you can list on steam marketplace, looking to cash out my steam inventory
  6. All of this is done, still it shows up as locked my nephews a/c, my a/c is primary. HE is only here for 4 days, don't want to sub for a month just for that in his a/c...
  7. So i activated psplus deluxe 7-day trial on my ps4, but other a/c on this ps4 is unable to play downloaded games? Can't share ps4 plus games? Bought games can be played on both a/cs, anybody know what's up?
  8. Ya, i know that, saw a streamer play gow 2 through streaming, was hoping there was a way for us to play without that option?
  9. Anyways, anyway to play gow 1 & 2, from the original trilogy? Via ps plus? 2 is the only one i haven't played, would like to play them one after another...
  10. Damit, the one year i took ps plus, didn't get any games i actually wanted to play. The moment it ended, 1 month was crash 4, then 2nd month, we got yakuza 7/thps 1&2.
  11. Dark Souls Remaster - Completed Journey 6. Ori and the Will of the Wisps.
  12. lmao, so it's "built from the ground up" when charging 70$ and not when justifying the same gameplay as before, what BS!
  13. On this momentous occasion of TLOU Remake gameplay reveal, i think we should encapsulate this occasion in a good song...what say you guys? Like n subscribe to this comment if yay
  14. Poem? Don't think there's any real demand for one of those. However, I feel like TLOU Remake gameplay reveal is too big an event not to get it's own song. 2 likes and i get to work on it, have just the right song in mind for it
  15. Bhai, kabhi i am an alt-a/c, kabhi others are my alt-a/c...wtf is this sh*t
  16. How the hell does SONY expect us to enjoy this 2013 game with tank controls?
  17. Bruh, he meant what he meant
  18. Right now, i have a ps4/acer nitro lappy. Will be getting a new pc in a couple of months time, but till then, will have to make do. Have decided to start now with what i have. All of this is gonna be pretty noobish, i know, so bear with me I need recommendations for the following: - Recording softwares for pc/consoles - Additional gear besides console n pc. How do you record with a ps4? Is the in-console capture software gonna be enough? Should i get a capture card or something. Which would be a good one? What about more space? A new hdd? Mic recommendations? Pls. recommend the cheapest ones that will provide decent quality. Don't wanna invest too much if nobody's watching them Thnx.
  19. gamer_adi


    Nice, game does look good, Annapurna are so good for the industry, they publish so many varied indie games
  20. gamer_adi


    This is a Annapurna game?
  21. Damn, the trailer dropped today, would be nice if Bayo 2 came o pc or something, don't see myself getting a nintentdo system anytime soon
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