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  1. He is the best, he deserve stardom like zakir or bassi but idk why he is not that crazy famous.
  2. Title- Homeland I wish i can also say that for my homeland lekin itni ghatiya jagah hai kuch kr bhi nhi skte.
  3. Before i just dont want to marry but now im scared too, thank you guys
  4. I can donate but it can take some time bcs i have completed only 5% till now and there is a wedding in my family early next month and then just after that im going on a trip. So, have no time to even touch my ps till march But if you can complete it in a month of feb i can send it. Btw its a PS4 disc
  5. I think hes trying to be shana infront of his date and lied because nobody at such position going to reveal a secret at a cost where not only his job is at the stake but the entire company and that too on a third date.
  6. Has anyone seen midsommar ? Someone told me to not watch it alone, its also depressing and can f**k up with your mind.
  7. Forget about relatives, few days back my mom said something related to my future wedding, i told her im not gonna marry anytime soon not after two years or five or seven,infact chances are maybe I'll never get married. Like this, for five to six minutes the fun argument between me and my mum continued but then out of no where i saw tears in her eyes rolling down and at that time i feel bad that i made her cry but i changed her mood quickly. BUT (huge but this time) i realised how damn serious she is about my wedding and most scary part is that there is still a lot of time in that thing, Now I'm worried what will happen when the time comes. If anyone experiencing the same situation feel free to share or suggest something
  8. It didn't hesitated a bit to joke about men
  9. Im talking of people/society, they never gonna change just like the cast system, untouchability all that kind of stuff. Its illegal but its there,its so prevailing that now its in our blood . Metro cities are still better but basically im talking about tier two cities, only a fraction of Indians live in Indiaโ€™s megacities, one cannot make the right perspective just based on the metro cities.
  10. I think here in next 5 years people will get more kattar and try to send them to pak too
  11. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cnb2Q8WBkaH/?igshid=OGQ2MjdiOTE= Ban gya meme
  12. I cant say that about harry & megan, i think all royals are racist and that was the prblm
  13. What i think that she's playing with his mind. Oh man,she's infusing such thoughts and mentality in him which is totally against his natural mindset, basically the mindset he's born with, now i think his mind started fighting with his own thoughts. I know partners are supposed to do all those things which makes you a better person but in this case she wants to completely remove the whole person from a body and try to put someone else. It seems that she has already made up her mind that whatever she does not like about him, she will change that thing and after getting married and having a child together she's back on his mission. Are agar itna hi bura lagta tha hamara purana virat to chhod deti. Ye Kuch jyada hi ho gya,nhi๐Ÿ˜› I remember Virat's old interview where someone asked whether he do some meditation or puja to calm himself as he have lot of responsibility on his shoulder, his reply was exactly opposite of what he is doing now, he said "do i look like the puja path typeโ€ Bc kya se kya ho gya.
  14. I really dont understand why people like anuskka and virat, who has litrally seen the whole world, believe in babas. Believing god is fir bhi ok but i dont know what these babas would be helpfull for. For most of the day Aastha is the only channel that i have watched in my childhood because of my grand parents and bcs of that i know that there is nothing these baba would teach me that i didnt already know.
  15. Ye anushka kya kr rhi hai virat ke sath.
  16. #bringbackrandomstuff New PlayStation store in Korea. India wants it too
  17. Ha wo kal rat thoda bahwnao me beh gya tha.
  18. I've said it many times before mcu is never gonna match that hype and excitement of those good old days. Everything before endgame was so well planned and coordinated. According to me not every movie of phase 1-3 is great, most of the movies are pretty average but all of them are well connected and thats the key. I miss those days when i used to wait for the upcoming movies and keeping an eye on all rumors and leaked news by the Marvel's actors themselves in some interviews (btw that was the genius publicity tactics by the mcu) sala ab na movies good hai aur na hi waise days good rhe
  19. cool bro. Can this be used in metro station also?๐Ÿ˜› Where did you get this and in how much?
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