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  1. Yes,the game is finished you can borrow it. Pm your address
  2. Yes i know, everybody knows but BCCI dosent
  3. Who stupid moron get to decide the schedule of the series? Final match in Bangalore during monsoon,Im worried about it since the beginning of the series.
  4. Btw im even more excited than before. I will observe the market for atleast one and half month,then im going to start investing with all my extra savings. Bad time for any crypto enthusiast but imo still its the best time to invest.
  5. crypto is a gamble for me but i believe in it . By 'People who dosent believe',i mean to say the people who scared to invest right now.for them it would be an immature move.
  6. high risk means you think this the end of crypto.I dont think this is the end. I know this the time when many are scared to gamble theire money on crypto and those people can never make fourtune for themselves. I know its difficult to make such decission at this point of time but according to me people should back off if they think its over now,and others who still see future in crypto,they would be fool if they did not invest right now.
  7. Yes,its easy. Im also maintaining a record with transactions date,invested money,and amounts of coins
  8. Is there any tax bracket.i mean gov would be imposing tax only after certain amount? There would be no tax Under 2.5 lack .right?
  9. I invested mostly through decentralised exchange. I invested in SPIRIT,TAROT,JOE, and PYR,btw it proves bad to invest in PYR.it was a good coin to invest but soon after i invested it got attacked by f**king hackers and it goes down like crazy.
  10. Just to make sure this thread is alive. Guys just do not give upon crypto. This is the moment which we used to wish for. Back in april 2021 whenever I saw those crypto price charts I always think of that ,if i had invested in -January 2021, i would be richie rich rich I think that time is back again and it would be a big mistake to decide not to invest now . This is an opportunity.
  11. I Hope he will get justice now. But justice after someone's death is not even near to justice. It would be a joke.
  12. Thats what i was trying to share before. 👇
  13. Accomodation even after she is the main reason for the divorce???
  14. Poor guy. But idk why he is taking hits like a little kid. He can stop her very easily.
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