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  1. What exactly happened? Server outage or something similar?
  2. Just realized that Týr was the one who got Kratos and Atreus into a fight by calling Atreus a "champion". He's been trying to drive them apart the whole time.
  3. Finished the game yesterday. Total of 48 hours were put. And the feeling of emptiness came just like when I finished GOW 2018. It's not a game, it's like an emotion. Hats off to Santa Monica Studio for this masterpiece. They really put everything and more into game development.
  4. I was going to search Internet for what happened to the real Tyr right after finishing the main story, but my question was answered at Asgard prison quest.
  5. I need some help to setup appropriate graphics settings. I have PS5 and LG B5 65 inch. Current PS5 settings: Graphics mode: Prefer quality HFR: enabled LG B2 settings: VRR: On Tone Mapping: HGiG All other settings on default. And yes, I've connected PS5 on HDMI 2.1 port . My question is, I find colors washed out and details not as good as they should be on a 4K display. My last game on PS5 was Forbidden west, and I can say that its graphics looked very good compared to God of war. I also played GOW 2018, but on a high end PC on max settings at 1440p, and I find Ragnarök on PS5 (4K) not as good as GoW 2018 on PC(1440p). Is there anything wrong with my console and TV settings? Or is it supposed to happen because forbidden west may have spoiled me with it's good graphics quality? Experts, please advice.
  6. Could be a different product. Or maybe they have some profit from my cancellation, that's why they cancelled it as soon as I sent a message on their WhatsApp.
  7. No, full refund.
  8. I ended up cancelling my Ragnarök order from Mx2, my order was still not picked up till an hour ago. And to my surprise, they didn't even ask the reason, cancelled right away and I also got refund email from razorpay, and also Bluedart status changed to cancelled, immediately. It all happened within half an hour, something feels fishy here, it's like they're anticipating that people will cancel orders so they can sell the mugs at higher price. Just guessing here. Mx2 killed the excitement of getting it within 2-3 days of launch. Will not rush to get it now.
  9. Just received Bluedart tracking details. Hopefully will be picked up soon (today itself). They also asked me to make an unboxing video.
  10. Yeah, I've been following up with them since Nov 3rd, first they promised to dispatch on 8th itself. Now they're saying they'll dispatch all today with express shipping. Will take at least 3 days to reach from Mumbai to my city Jaipur.
  11. Being in thirtees with responsibilities, one can only wish to do it like this this. I'll only be able to play when I get some time in the evenings or on weekends. Unless I take leave from work saying I need a couple of days of off to finish Ragnarök
  12. Just placed an order on mx2. I don't even have the console yet lol.
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