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    Classic Arcane. Hyped.
  2. Unless it's Fallout 76 type of launch, scores will not be deducted. As proven by all their previous launches. Also its looking like it has made some progress in latest showing. It could launch is decent state, we never know.
  3. I was going to reply point by point, but it took too long. So i will just say this. Pedigree of studio is important. This is not Xbox One era where just making a competent game would be enough. First of all, Bethesda is a pioneering studio. I have Skyrim installed right now. Whatever Elden Ring / Breath of the Wild achieved, they did it in 2011. That is, landmark based exploration. You see interesting city/settlement/landmass right in front of you, that you wanna explore cause it's interesting. Not just to put a checkmark in the map. Outside of that, just the scope of the game is immense. True RPG elements, ship building, ship combat, 100s of solar systems. I will be highly surprised if Insomniac made any improvements beyond graphics, lip syncing, side quest stories etc. I mean, that stuff is nice to have, but hardly something I pioneering studio would be satisfied with.
  4. This is hilarious to read. Make smaller posts, I will get tired replying to this. Taking it to VS thread.
  5. Am talking about game development. Starfield is being worked on since 2016. Development seems to have been finished and it's mostly about play testing/ polishing. We have seen multiple videos. Insomniac on the other hand released 2 games after 2020. They have two teams. Must be scrambling/ crunching to finish the game in September. On top going against competitors big game would mean extra pressure.
  6. Bold to go up against Starfield like that. Insomniac has their work cut out if true.
  7. Looking good. Interesting new locations in trailers. Just wish combat was improved and was more enjoyable from first game.
  8. Great work by Sunhi legend. No one does melee combat like Japanese Dev's.
  9. You have no idea about their fanbase. They have still kept it alive after such bad PR at launch. Also heard it's in pretty good now. Crossed 13.5 million players recently. https://gamerant.com/fallout-76-13-5-million-players/
  10. Big Bethesda rpg is embarrassing Also funny to see a lot of people taking U turn on Arkane games.
  11. Darksiders type game is good. Shame combat is not souls type. Why Dev's can't think out of the box? A game like that would break mould and will be far more interesting. It's what I enjoy most about Atomic Heart.
  12. Wut? They opened with Hifi Rush. Redfall is just a month away. Starfield is 4 months away. They also usually have something for holidays, assuming Forza. Gamepass is offering AAA third party day 1 titles in droves, impossible to keep up. On top they were 2021 publisher of the year. I wouldn't be surprised if they repeat it this year. Choose one. Marvel or DC. You can't have both.
  13. Still waiting for PS to announce AAA first party games for this year. Seems kinda dry.
  14. Vaibhavp

    Resident Evil 4

    Onto it. Second run doesn't feels as well made though. Much smaller in scope and weird difficulty spikes. Now I have to fight a clicker with a pistol. Unfair, not fun.
  15. My nephew also only plays on tablet. He has both xbox and ps5. Just plays Roblox. Wants me to play on phone as well if i try to join him via xbox. When was last time you got a system for 7k? 2004 maybe, that PS2.
  16. Vaibhavp

    Resident Evil 4

    Who cares about scores? I don't need scores to tell me RE4 is already a masterpiece. But I do find originals to be better. Ending in RE2 Remake felt a bit abrupt. I was expecting a bit tougher sections at the end that never came.
  17. Vaibhavp

    Resident Evil 4

    Not feeling it. Finished RE2 Remake just yesterday. It was great, but I would rather play the original.
  18. Get Series X for 60 k then. Or better yet, make a PC for 1 lac that outperforms both PS5/Series X. PC prices have reached that point. Lots of choices. Wut? Their Extra tier was released recently.
  19. Series S is like a jackpot deal for all the ponies. Get a used one for 20k instead of crying about COD going exclusive Seriously though, you will get access to stuff like Starfield, Redfall, Minecraft Legends in few months. Best deal in gaming. FTFY
  20. Vaibhavp

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Same enemies are not an issue for me. Especially for 10 hrs game. Unless mechanics are not good or if it's too easy/too hard.
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