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  1. This type of games should have this. Make single player games if you want hand to hand combat. Very hard to do melee combat right if you want people playing long term. Few games like Monster Hunter, From Soft games have cracked it.
  2. Gotham knights looked like a meh game, when they actually showed it. In this one too, there seems to be level gating missions behind gear level. Let's see how it turns out. If it's boring/ grindy, will not get it. But core gameplay has me impressed.
  3. Reaction has been overly negative. I don't see it. Has to be one of best showings of a game recently, to me. Maybe people wanted something like Arkham Knight. Which IMO is masterpiece quality. But this one looked great as well.
  4. Avengers was overly ambitious. Gotham knights simply wasn't good enough. This can also fail but so far it has looked so good. Great graphics, smooth 60 fps gameplay. Just looked quality.
  5. Is this persistent world or is it story based? Wasn't clear from trailer. Either ways, looking extremely high quality, way above what I expected. Day 1 if it turns out good.
  6. I merely pointed out such section exists. It actually does. People took it as criticism. I don't need to criticize it
  7. BioShock played rubbish. I liked BioShock Infinites setting better. Same here. Atomic Heart plays pretty good. Melee combat is very satisfying and has weight to it.
  8. So you didn't finish it. Starting is super impressive. And you dozed off on that.
  9. It feels very Sony like game. Good graphics, but interrupts you all the time to show cool stuff. Doesn't let you play more than 3- 4 enemies at a time.
  10. Wut? I have not finished it yet. So far definitely better than Bioshock. That one I didn't like much. Still will reserve judgement till i finish it. Seems decent so far.
  11. Retiring on High note. Studio future is looking bright. He did what he set out to. Never thought Tango would join the rank of studios I would look forward to, what they are working on.
  12. Yeah. Very low but core users who buy a lot of stuff. They make 15-16 billion in revenue per year, almost same as Nintendo. Sony is close to 25.
  13. MS might be failing for whatever reason, they need Acti-Blizz to compete. Without them competitive, Sony is gonna rob gamers blind. It might be hard to accept, but deal is good for PS players only.
  14. Minecraft Legends is also coming to PS systems. It's looking so good. Am sure there will be more games in the future.
  15. This is for all generations. It includes PS2 and original xbox.
  16. Vaibhavp

    Atomic Heart

    Dialogue with that crafting robot is nuts. Very suggestive. Don't play on speakers.
  17. It wasn't ambitious remake. More like AA level. Thats what id@xbox all about. Just watched it again. Huge upgrade over ps2 version. Even high contrast isn't that bad.
  18. Vaibhavp

    Atomic Heart

    People who stick to US centric sites will feel that way. Either ways, it's on gamepass so wait for player feedback.
  19. Vaibhavp

    Atomic Heart

    Wait for player feedback. sh*t is brewing against this title with nobody to support it. Unlike Hogwarts.
  20. Check out Minecraft Legends. Will be a whole lot of fun.
  21. Vaibhavp

    Atomic Heart

    Looks like it's gonna get bad reviews for some political reasons. Good thing it's on gamepass so I can see for myself. Map having little guidance is already sounding like a good thing. Hopefully it has little to no handholding.
  22. Insomniac was proven when it was purchased. This one on the other hand... Sony has developed quiet an obsession with purchasing no name studios recently.
  23. You be the judge if you have game already.
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