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  1. Will get to it at some point. Hopefully they have dialled in proper difficulty balance this time. Old GOW games always felt too easy/ too hard when you went from easy to normal to hard, never feeling perfect.
  2. That was just a colour issue. Too much contrast. Rest of the work they did well.
  3. I suspect a lot of Indians already work on each AAA title as support studios. After playing Raji, I think they can do well on their own as well.
  4. Damn Wo Long is also coming up. SSD is already full.
  5. People are calling it best ever month for PS+. Meanwhile I have Atomic Heart pre installed.
  6. Gamepass style month for PS+. All thanks to Lord Phil.
  7. If it's just for 1 game, might be a good idea to wait a bit longer and outright buy it. It will get into deep discount territory soon.
  8. Anyone buying a system does not operate like this. Anyone buying it has intention of using it fully. After trying other games, they stick to fifa, Fortnite etc.
  9. Rs 60k gaming console does sound ridiculous, even to me. Rs 5k per game after that is pretty much RIP for casuals. After that, just tell them you can get into buying/selling discs, they will regret even asking you in first place.
  10. People are sticking to sales cause 2023 is gonna be a dry year in terms of games apparently? Anything meaningful that has been shown to release this year from PS studios? Sony did purchased a bunch of no name studios recently, so there is still hope there could be a shadow drop or two.
  11. Forspoken selling well means people are starved and will buy anything. I was told this phenomenon was a real thing and happens with other platforms regularly.
  12. Depends on your definition of most successful. Final Fantasy, Resident Evil titles are 10 million seller each. Sonic titles, new ones can sell 1-2 million each. Monster Hunter sells more, and is played more. On steam most played titles, FF14 and Monster Hunter World has same no of players, while Rise is far ahead of both. Most importantly, Capcom is taking franchise to new heights by taking right decisions. Newer games are getting easier to get into without loosing qualities that made them popular in first place.
  13. Am sure it is. Have played a bit, it's definitely fun type of game. But Monster Hunter is pretty addictive. They have perfected the gameplay loop over the years There is a reason why it's biggest Japanese franchise out there.
  14. It charted in steam charts. Have it installed. Not getting time to play due to Monster Hunter Rise.
  15. Once Acti- blizz deal will go through, sales will get back to normal.
  16. Damn it has 32 episodes. Was expecting one video or something.
  17. Meh, it will be buggy. But it doesn't lead to disappointment in Bethesda games. It's expected. I will be disappointed if it has no bugs. Fallout 76 was broken and missing features. They should release games like that as early access instead. It's pretty good now.
  18. One with highest resolution if 30 fps is ok. Basically quality mode. Just to be clear, I am a huge fan of RT. Whenever I will get new system, it will most likely be PC with RT in mind.
  19. You won't get that in RT mode. RT mode means IQ, FPS both take a hit for sake of stability and accuracy. Reflections are great to have but check graininess in them. Personally, I am ready to sacrifice IQ for RT but not FPS. And RT should be full fledged. Not half assed, like it's here. Every setting including global illumination should be on.
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