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  1. Dude! I respectfully disagree... Partey was all over the place yesterday. Soooo many errors, especially in the first half. Was getting super-annoyed at him. Won't be surprised if he doesn't start against Leicester next week.


    Odegaard was miles better... I agree that he might need time to prove himself as a captain, but the value he brings to the side is immense. His vision/passes are top-notch! Pretty sure he will be a sure-shot starter throughout the season.

  2. I mean, how does that benefit them? TikTok pays Samsung for the installs? And what about India, then? Since you know, TikTok is banned here?


    Scummy move nonetheless. It absolutely doesn't make sense. Even if it's a cheap phone, Samsung shouldn't have to 'recover' costs in this way.

  3. 14 minutes ago, Mr. Comingle said:

    Just watched the sh*t show. Was it 30 fps? Looks like 30 fps to me.


    Yep. Although YT gave the option of 60FPS, the video itself was 30FPS, which is weird.


    And yeah, the game just doesn't seem to click, despite the strong premise. And why in the world does Bat-Girl talk so much even when she's alone? I get that the devs wanted to highlight the difference between her and maybe other characters/Batman (from previous games), but halfway through the video, I was like...


    Real Estate Shut Up GIF by NETFLIX

  4. The Pixel Buds Pro are good. Superbly comfortable.


    Full disclaimer: I'm not an in-depth audio-person, so I may not be able to describe things very accurately.


    The sound stage is quite nice. Pleasing to the ears. And I love the fact that I can hear all of the music despite not keeping the buds at full volume. My previous TWS were the Pixel Buds A-Series (which I thought were really good :fear: ), and the Pixel Buds Pro are miles ahead in terms of audio quality!


    I don't have a good enough frame of reference in terms of ANC. But, at a busy café, the buds cut the ambient sound (mostly room sound and indistinct chatter) and only if someone is speaking close to me, I could hear that, but that sound was very tinny. Mind you, this is when the buds are just plugged in with ANC on and no music was playing. Once the music starts, the sound is so immersive that I could have easily forgotten that I was in the café in the first place. I kept the volume level in the buds at around 7 or 8.


    Another place I tried it was at Colaba Social (a pub which has quite loud music blasting through their speakers) and this is where the buds blew me away. This was like an extreme test. With ANC on (without any music), the ambient sound was gone, but the music from the pub speakers was getting through, again, sounded very minor. But, once I started the music in the Buds Pro, I was surprised to find out that I couldn't hear the sound from the pub speakers at all. My brother tried it too and he was impressed as well! The volume had to be kept on full, though.


    Overall, I love how comfortable it is, and the exterior is kinda flat, so it's appropriate for side-sleepers (me), too! I'm in love with the sound. It's so much better than the A-Series which, looking back, is not a very high bar to clear. The Pixel Buds Pro sound full and rich. Totally love that part! The Transparency mode is useful too, and it amplifies the ambient sound just to the right amount. I guess there's some intelligent Google-algorithm processing happening to make that mode work. And yeah, the ANC just works. Works, very very well!

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  5. 2 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

    I see many complaints about open box/refurbished Pixel 6/Pro being sold on Amazon. The tensor chip isn't the best (as expected, rebranded Exynos), so do all the testing within exchange period to avoid further hassles. No warranty anyway. 


    Yep. Will do! From all the research I've done so far, the ones sold by deals of you have the least issues. So, that's the seller that I went for finally.


    BTW, for anyone wondering, this is the video that made me change my mind and cancel the order with the previous seller.



    Check the comments, and he says that even he returned the one sent by TECH-RETAIL and went for deals of you.


    Edit: For context, the Pixel 4a (5G) that my wife uses was ordered from the seller deals of you, too. I got that for her in September 2021 and there have been literally zero issues so far. So, crossing my fingers and expecting the same from this purchase, too.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

    Why chose these over WFXM3/4 or Momentum 3 ?


    2 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

    Placing a lot of trust on Google


    You've answered it for me. :D


    I have tried the XM3 and they somehow don't fit in my ears properly. Yes, this is a bit of a gamble, but the initial reviews seem fairly positive.







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  7. Edit:


    Heard some horror stories about the Pixel 6 units sold by TECH-RETAIL, so I chickened out. Cancelled it and ordered from the seller deals of you. But that arrives on Wednesday. <_<


    Oh well...


    Original Post:

    Arriving today...



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